2020 4 Star QB Chubba Purdy Gives UofL Their 20th Commitment

Chubba Purdy
Photo Courtesy of @chubbapurdy Twitter Account

The Cardinal Express keeps chugging along and stopped in Arizona for a Chubba. 2020 4 Star QB Chubba Purdy has decided to join the flock.

The 6’2 210 lbs Purdy chose UofL over offers from Kansas State, Michigan State, Purdue, Arizona State, and numerous others. QB Coach Frank Ponce was his primary recruiter per 247sports. Purdy plays for Perry High School in Gilbert, AZ.

Purdy is the real deal. A strong armed QB with accuracy that can use his legs and be a playmaker. 247’s composite rankings have Purdy ranked as the 6 best dual threat QB and 215 best overall player in the 2020 class.

The highlights really show Purdy to be ranked legitimately. He has a cannon for an arm, throws with great accuracy, and can run like the wind. He throws a beautiful ball and throws accurately on the run. Purdy has good footwork in the pocket, sees the field well, and has a nice throwing motion. He also is very good at pump faking and shoulder faking.

Now that we have a broad overview of what Purdy can do, let’s look deeper into these skills.

Strong and Accurate Arm/Throwing Motion

Purdy is true passer. He has a big arm and throws a tight spiral with accuracy. His deep ball is beautiful. He throws it perfectly, effortlessly, with great touch into spots where only his WR can make the catch. The deep ball has nice arc on it, going perfectly over the head of defenders into the waiting hands of his receivers. When he throws it shorter and into tighter windows he has plenty of velocity while maintaining accuracy.

I can’t just pick out one highlight for any of these skills I described above because they are throughout his entire video. He throws deep and accurate sideline to sideline.

Purdy’s throwing motion is likely why he is accurate and strong. He comes over the top, has a quick release, and follows through on his throws. The release is also high which should help limit batted passes by defensive linemen.

You name a throw, Purdy can make it. He’s a high level passer.

Running and Throwing On the Run

What makes Chubba Purdy so special is his running ability. He’s a threat to score with his legs at any time. He’s hard to bring down because he’s pretty strong and he has a few cuts he can make to avoid tackles. He doesn’t necessarily have the jukes say a Lamar Jackson had though. Purdy’s straight line speed is excellent. With his speed and tough running, he can be a threat at all times to score.

His ability to throw on the run makes him even more unique and dangerous. The accuracy when throwing on the run is excellent, almost like he’s throwing out of the pocket. I love that he keeps his eyes down the field at all times and is able to quickly see open men while he’s on the move and make an accurate, excellent pass. When he’s on the move, Purdy is a true dual threat.

Footwork/Pocket Presence

Purdy has pretty footwork. He’s able to move nimbly in the pocket and always has a nice wide base from which he throws. When he drops back, it’s fluid and smooth, nothing clunky in his movement.

Purdy stays on the balls of his feet and toes, never being flat-footed. When he throws, he steps into it and has his feet facing in the direction of the receiver he’s throwing to.

While in the pocket, Purdy stands tall. When pressure comes, he will escape the pocket. However, often times, Purdy will stand in, make a throw, and take a hit. He’s very good at just getting the ball out quickly.

He seems pretty polished in this department.

Field Vision/Pump and Shoulder Fakes

Purdy sees the field quite well. Often times he doesn’t have to read too much because his primary WR is open. However, in a few highlights, he shows he can read at different levels on the same side of the field and he can look to one side and progress to the other.

In both the first and third highlights, we see plays where two WRs on the same side of the field run similar routes. The slot runs a short post while the WR runs a deep post. Purdy sees a S bite up on the slot receiver. He then looks to the deep post and sees the WR open. He throws darts; one for a TD and one for a big gain.

In his fourth highlight, we see Purdy’s ability to read the entire field and go through progressions. Purdy drops back to pass. His immediate read is to the left side. He sees it’s not open. He then looks middle and sees it’s not open either, but pump fakes to freeze the S. Then he eventually comes to the right and throws a ball to the WR streaking down the right sideline for a TD. 

Speaking of pump fakes, I love Purdy’s pump and shoulder fakes. They are beautifully done and are sold so well. The defense definitely is effected by them as he uses them numerous times to get guys open.

Chubba Purdy is a truly elite passer and runner. The title of dual threat QB fits him perfectly. He’s not Lamar Jackson which I’m sure some Louisville fans automatically think of when they see the words “dual threat.” Instead, think Stefon Lefors with a bigger arm and more speed. Chubba threw for 3422 yards, completing 64% of his passes, for 36 TDs and only 10 interceptions. He ran for 1156 yards, averaging 8.4 yards a rush, and 22 TDs per Maxpreps. I think UofL fans will absolutely love watching this guy utilize his unique talents in a Cardinal uniform.

With Purdy’s commitment, UofL now has 20 commits in the 2020 class. The class is ranked 17th nationally on 247sports. Scott Satterfield continues to lay down the foundation for the future of UofL Football.

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