Nunnsense | Can We Stop Talking About Third Down Music?

Louisville vs NC State 11-17-18 (35 of 82)

The conversation about the third down music seems to have gotten out of hand. A few people disliked it and voiced their displeasure on social media – and that’s fine. Now it’s a fad and people are complaining just to complain.

There are your Van Halen purist who don’t like the song just because it’s actually Van Hagar.

I can’t quite figure out if people say they hate it because of the song or if they hate third down music in general.

I saw a poll where people said they disliked it because the song was too old. Well, in order to have the tradition of third down music, you can’t go switching the song every year just to keep it current. You have to build a tradition over years and years. My opinion is that the train horn and the third down music are basically the only traditions at a Louisville football game. I guess you could say Card March but Charlie Strong would not agree.

If you are in the camp that wants the tradition of third down music, you can’t force it. It has to happen organically.

I say, let the DJ play what he wants and if it catches on, then so be it – no matter the song. You can’t please everybody. As long as people have social media, somebody will complain.

Louisville pays DJ K-Dogg to play music. He is the best around and does a great job. But, it’s my understanding that he doesn’t have control over the music selection for third down music. Kinda like a wedding DJ has certain songs he/she has to play for first dance or parents dance.

This season is not going to be the best one ever so lets let K-Dogg play what he wants and when the team is back to being a contender, he will know exactly what to play. Use this season as an experiment.

Personally, I don’t mind the current third down music. When I hear the piano start and the Taco Bell gong sound, I know what the situation is. There have been a few times over the years where I’ve had a few adult beverages and had to run to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, if I hear that music, I know the situation on the field. Recently, I was on the field taking pictures and had to run back to the photo room to change batteries. While changing batteries I heard the music start. I automatically knew what was going on so I hurried back out.

The song itself isn’t great but every fan knows what to do when they hear that song start. So let’s just stop talking about it and let it happen naturally. Besides, we have no control over it anyway. Let’s just cheer on our Cards like we always do.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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