CSZ Staff Predictions For Louisville vs FSU

Louisville vs FSU (44 of 64)


As the Cards travel to Tallahassee, team CSZ tries to look into their crystal ball and predict the future. Here’s what we had to say….

55 UofL 24FSU 34. – Javian has a big night. Puma looks like a 5* and the Cards D looks shaky but comes up big in overtime.

NunnFSU 35 – UofL 31Jawon doesn’t play. Louisville starts slow and trails 28-10 at half. Cards come out on fire in the 2nd half as Dez gets a couple of long balls, but the Cards fall just short in their comeback.

Samuel BasdenUofL 38FSU 28FSU second half struggles continue as Louisville out scores them 17-7.

Katie GobenFSU 21UofL 17. Close game and both offenses struggle to find their footing, but the home field advantage gives Florida State the edge.

Shawn BarbourUofL 31FSU 24. – Florida State jumps on UofL early as Cam Akers comes out firing. Defense adjusts and holds Akers in check. Puma hits some big passes finally and Hawkins does what he’s done all year.

Daniel SpencerUofL 28FSU 23 –  Close game to the end but Defensive Holds FL St from winning in Final Drive.

Mitch MotleyUofL 27 FSU 20

Higgy UofL 27FSU 24 

JKToo close to call.

Paige SherrardI’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

The staff consensus average is UofL 29.124 – FSU 25.75

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