Quick Hit5er5 (9-25-19)

In this week’s edition of Quick Hitt5r5 we will go into Louisville Live, statement wins, and the local recruiting meltdown on Twitter? Never us. ACC NETWORK FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s get it tho! Here is this weeks Quick Hitt5r5!

Photo Courtesy of Chris Mack’s Twitter Account (@CoachChrisMack)

Louisville Live

It is time for the Second Annual Louisville Live event! Coming up this Friday at 4th Street Live! If you went last year then you know how fun this event is. If you did not go I will include a highlight video at the end that shows you what you are in store for. Click here for details on the event and be on the look-out for Shawn’s Visitor list for this event and his breakdown. It will be up soon at CSZ!

I don’t speak much on recruiting because I don’t know much about it. Plus that’s why I have a recruiting team. By the way. Shout out to the CSZ recruiting team which is very young but doing a great job. Back to the point.

Sure we would love to have every 5* guy out there. We have whiffed on several. Why are we shocked about Caleb Love? UNC has been his favorite for over a year? Sometimes it seems we just want to complain just for the sake of complaining.

We have a 3 year guy in David Johnson that has a bball IQ the likes of which I’ve never seen. Why complain that we didn’t get a replacement for a guy that’s irreplaceable? We got swept up in last year’s recruiting windfall with the Super Six and now expect it every year. It won’t be that way. Have faith in Coach Mack. I know i do.

We also found out Malik broke a bone in his foot last week. He was in a boot at the open run and we had hoped it wasn’t too bad. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery Malik!

Also Coach Mack did a podcast. Check it out here.

The picture may be from a baseball game that JK shot this season, but can be applied to the Men’s Soccer team this season vs ranked teams. Three of the Cards four wins this year have been against the top 15 including 2 in the past week. The Cards have 4 more games vs the top 25 coming up with only one of them coming at home. For the pressers from last night click on the link below!

Soccer Press Conferences

Well, seems like Coach Walz is pumped for the start of the season and you should be too. Yesterday the ACC schedule for Louisville Women’s Basketball was released. The Cards drew Syracuse, BC and ND as their home & away opponents this year. I think the Cards should play Notre Dame twice every year since they are the only consistent rival we have. Yeah I said it.


Speaking of eye-opening events today. I clicked on my guide to watch TV today and saw this:

It has finally arrived! I decided to message one of my colleagues in the Athletic Department to let him know since he had been announcing the other agreements when they came out. He said that they were not expecting it so soon. What a pleasant surprise for once. Shout-out to Justin Renck for putting it out there that he saw it on his U-Verse. I do know that those two deals were negotiated together because of their parent company. Salute!

The Cards went down to Tallahassee on Saturday and lost to FSU 35-24. The Cards were destroyed in the first quarter 21-0. However, the Cards did come back and take the lead before mental mistakes once again became the undoing for this team. The one thing I took from this game was our resiliency. Last year’s team under last year’s leadership would have lost 63-0. This team with this leadership battled back, shut them down, and took a 24-21 lead late after a 24-0 run. Mistakes took their toll on the Cards as a missed assignment and a costly INT in the red zone killed the Louisville momentum for good. Malik threw for 286 yards 2 TD and 1 int. He also was injured at the end of the game, but we hope that both him and Puma will be back after the bye week. Read the immaculate Justin Krueger’s recap here. I’m telling you. If you haven’t read his work before then you are missing out. He is so special that he writes for us and Mike over at Card Chronicle. Check him out! Good friend and even better writer.

Speaking of friends…

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Speaking of IG…
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Thanks again for taking the time out to read my thoughts; no matter how outlandish they are. Go Cards! Beat the Bye week!
Until next time, This has been Quick Hitt5r5!

P. S. Here’s footage from last years Louisville Live!

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