Uniform Report: Louisville Vs Boston College

Louisville Football is coming off a bye week and will engage Boston College in a test of wills upon the gridiron on Saturday. What will the Cards be wearing going into battle? Well, it’s a very special uniform honoring a man known as “The Greatest.”

UofL is breaking out their special Muhammad Ali uniforms this weekend. These unis are inspired by the gear Ali wore in boxing matches. It is a white jersey, white pants, black cleats, a special white helmet, and red gloves.

The jersey is white with black piping on the sleeves. Louisville is written with an arched look on the front of the jersey. The numbers are black and outlined in black. There are numbers on the sleeves above the piping. The jersey is meant to evoke thoughts of one of the robes Ali wore out to the ring before a fight.

Meanwhile, the pants are white with a black stripe going down the leg on each side. There is a small cardinal head that is white and outlined in black on the outside of the thigh. The pants are meant to evoke thoughts of the boxing trunks Ali was known to have boxed in. Cleats are black with white trim. There are some white stripes along the body of the shoe while there are three Adidas stripes running across them and in an opposite direction.

The helmet is solid white with a black facemask. It is not matte or chrome, but a standard white. The cardinal head decal is white outlined in black. There are no stripes of any kind. It is a simple color scheme and it looks sweet. Socks for this outfit as solid white. The gloves are bright red; meant to evoke thoughts of red boxing gloves.

This is a sweet look for the Cards. The uniform honors “The Greatest” without going overboard as some of these special unis are want to do.

The Cards will battle Boston College on Saturday at 12:30 pm on the regional sports network. Louisville looks to improve to 3-2 on the season while Boston College looks to move to 4-2 on the season.

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