Quick Hit5er5 (10-2-19)

Welcome to this weeks edition of Quick Hitt5r5! This week we talk about what needs to happen for us to pull out the W at home, Louisville Live success, basketball recruiting, and much more! Without further adieu, here is this weeks Quick Hitt5r5!

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Things we need to do in order to beat BC in these sweet Uniforms

– We have to shut down the running game. I know this is the most obvious. Dillon is a monster and we have yet to be able to stop him. We can only hope to contain him. BC likes to run between the tackles. So as long as we can control that we will be ok.

-We have to win the turnover war. With BC, that will mean we have stopped the run. If we can force them to throw the ball then we will get our first multi-interception game of the season and the first since the uk game last season. (stat from Kelly Dickey)

-Solid QB play. First off, it seems like we never know who the QB will be. One thing that remains uniform is our QB has to be careful and not turn the ball over a ton. It’s been reckless this season and we need to tighten up. We have good QB’s that are making rookie mistakes. That will be the difference between 4 wins and making a bowl game  I have total faith that Malik or Puma can get the job done

-The Running Backs have slowed down as of late. We can’t blame them completely. The entire O-Line has to kill it. They’ve been good on the pass block, but run block has been a bit lackluster at times. Just need to tighten the screws.

-Score more points than BC. That’s the most important one.

Check out Jk’s thoughts for BC here.

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Next up we go to Louisville Live. What a wonderful event at a great venue. I know I said afterwards that it had outgrown 4th Street, but I have had time to reflect on that statement. The venue is perfect. It’s cozy and unique and on a day that it’s not 400 degrees, it would not have garnered such an opinion from me. There are aspects that need working on, but we will get there. If you didn’t make it, here are some clips to catch you up! Thanks to Vince, Lottie, Kenny, Kim, Jeremy, Ray, and everyone that played a part in this amazing event. Try to go this next year. We dare you!

It was also announced that the grad transfers (Balogun, Dixon) were finally deemed eligible! Read more about that here!

Details on the Red-White game were also released. You can read them here!

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Recruiting has been a hot topic here in Louisville the past few months. We were missing targets. Nobody wants to play here. Blah, blah, blah and so on and so forth. The target week for things to take a positive turn was the week of Louisville Live. That proved to be true.

The Cards landed the #1 JUCO Player in the country, Jay Scrubb. He was the last player I expected to commit this weekend, but I will take it  The kid has NBA talent now and is NBA ready. Hopefully, this will get the ball rolling on this recruiting class.

I believe it will even if Scrubb never plays a game in our uniform. I really hope he does. That uniform looks natural on him! I will grab the recruiting team soon for a podcast and we will give our opinion on who we want to see the Cards land. On that podcast we may have a special guest… You gotta stay tuned….

I have seen a bunch of opening season games played in cool places. There’s a series opening the season in MLB parks and mini tourneys. I want that for us so bad. Instead, we open next season playing on Valentine’s Day vs Ole Miss. Yay.

It could always be worse. We still plan on getting you that Baseball Pod with BRL, Asaad, Colin, and Luuuuuuuke very soon. Life events and schedule conflicts suck. Baseball also got a very lofty ranking to start the season. Check that out here.


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Thanks again for taking the time out to read my thoughts; no matter how outlandish they are. Go Cards! Beat BC!

Until next time, This has been Quick Hitt5r5!


P. S: Here’s a great video on the expectations that Louisville Basketball team have for themselves. Enjoy!

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