Uniform Report: Louisville Vs Wake Forest

Black and white seems alright with the fan base. Last weekend, the Cards rocked the Ali inspired black and white uniforms. This week, they head out on the road to take on Wake Forest and they’ll be rolling into Winston-Salem wearing black helmets, white jerseys, black pants, and black cleats.

Black and white proved to be a winning combo against Boston College so why not go with an altered version of that color scheme.

The helmet is truly black, but not matte or chrome. It doesn’t appear to have the slightly red tint of more recent versions. The facemask is black and the cardinal head is black outlined in red.

The jersey is the standard white jersey with red letters and numbers. The sleeves have the white wings outlined and accented in black and red. There are numbers upon each shoulder of the jersey. There are three patches on the front of the jersey: A black Adidas logo, an ACC logo with white lettering and outlined with a red football, and the 150 patch honoring the 150th year of college football.

The pants are black with a white L in old English script on the outside thigh of each leg. The L is outlined in red.

The cleats are black with white stripes and accents. On one side of the cleat there is an Adidas logo and on the other 3 slanted stripes. Both are white.

Socks, head bands, and arm sleeves will all be black with a white Adidas logo. The gloves are black as well with red accents. They also have a white Adidas logo on the back of the glove.

Arm sweat bands are the only accessory that is white. There is a red Adidas logo on them.

Hopefully, this iteration of the black and white combo will work as well as the Ali ones did and bring victory for the Cards on Saturday night.

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