Quick Hit5er5 (10-16-19)

Welcome to this week’s edition of Quick Hit5er5! Today, I bring you the recap of WF, look forward to Clemson, we hear from Clemson Tom on Maybin and Rummage, talk recruiting, the CSZ podcast, & much more! Without further adieu, here is this week’s…..Quick Hit5er5!

That sure is an ugly mascot and the game wasn’t much prettier. The Cards defeated #17/19 WF 62-59 in beautiful Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Cards had a huge contingency of Cards/Satterfield fans in attendance. Love yall at App St forever. You also gave us Luke Combs. Let’s get back on track.

The Cards were in control the entire game up until the 4th quarter. This is when the entire Roosters Watch Party became uneasy. By the way, shout out to Doug, Napper, Paul, Beastmode & Tiff, John, Chris, Joey, Sam, Shawn, Joy and Higgy for coming out!

The game had 100 yd kickoff returns with no flags (Hasaan Hall), 2 guys with double digit tackles for the second straight game (Burns & Pass), 2 QB’s with 99 QBR, Dez, Tutu, & Dawkins all go off, and Dez scores two two times. That made me feel like Shawn. I’m sorry.

It wasn’t until after this and another almost lost onside kick that I was able to stop pacing. At the end of this post we have a highlight reel. Check it out.

Jk’s game recap

Despite the amazing win, we did receive some bad news this week. It was announced that Jawon Pass will require season ending surgery on his toe this week. The gutsy Cardinal QB had some injury issues throughout his career with this same toe. We at CSZ wish Jawon a speedy recovery and the very best of luck. We hope he remains a card, but we understand.

Read more details here

Is there a QB controversy?

This is a little easier to answer with the news of Jawon being out. There was a large contingent of people who thought that, even if healthy, Jawon would never play again this season. You all just simply don’t understand football.

Here is my new opinion on who will start with JP out of the equation. It’s not a difficult decision either. You start Evan Conley. Do I think that he’s the better overall QB? No. But as Shawn pointed out the other day at the watch party, MC has been injured in every game this season he’s played in and was hurt before the season started.

What I hope happens is that MC gets the start and Evan closes it out  This is a great way to build the confidence of both plus give them a big game stage to perform on.

Now that we recapped last week, who’s next?


Oh crap, it’s Clemson.

One of the most dominant teams of the past ten years comes to town Saturday and Cardinal Stadium should be packed and off the hinges. I will formally announce my prediction: 28-20. It’s just not in the Cards this year. We will defeat them in Death Valley next year. Screenshot this! Check out what JK has to say about it in his latest installment of Everything You Need To Know: Clemson.

FYI- Clemson Tom is a douche. He called into Middays with Marques Maybin and Steve Rummage on ESPN 939 the Ville today. Here’s the clip:

CSZ podcast

This week on the CSZ podcast we talk about the epic Wake Forest win, QB controversy, recruiting, and much more! Join me and my co-hosts Shawn Barbour and Sam Basden for a discussion about this week’s hottest topics! My brother Joey hops on to help us out this week. It’s pretty good. Check it out here.


Here’s your reminder that there are exactly 20 days until Louisville Women’s Basketball regular season opener. We are also exactly 20 days away from Louisville Men’s Basketball regular season opener. The women tip off at 7 pm on ACCNX and the Men tip-off at 6:30 pm on the ACC Network. Thx ESPN. You really do hate us.

Photo Courtesy of @PURE_PROSPECTS Twitter Account

At this moment recruiting has been frustrating for most of CardNation. I explain on the podcast in detail my opinion on that. As of now, we don’t need a ton of people in this recruiting class and I think people forget that. Keep your eyes open for these kids:

Kristian Lander

JJ Traynor (offered today!)

Jalen Terry

D’andre Davis

Carry on…..

Speaking of recruiting follow our recruiting team and ask them any questions you want with the hash tag #CSZRecruit. Shawn Barbour, Sam Basden and Higgy will do their best to answer. They are working on a story on what they think about Butler star Jordan Watkins and where they think he will end up. Check it out.

The Field Hockey team bounced back from their loss to #9 Virginia by defeating #16 Stanford on Tuesday and slapped them 3-0. The Cards end their 6 game home stand with a pair of games on the ACCNX with Longwood on Saturday at noon and Iowa on Sunday at noon. Go check them out.

I swear every week I say this week will be quick, but it never is. Time to wrap this up.


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Thanks again for taking the time out to read my thoughts; no matter how outlandish they are. Until next time, Go Cards! Beat Clemson!

P. S. Here’s a video I think you may enjoy…

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