CSZ Staff Predictions For Louisville vs Syracuse

CSZ staff

Jeremy Wahman – UofL 49Syracuse 17

Everybody balls out and the Cards get the feel good win that they deserve. Offense scores, Defense scores, Special Teams scores. Go Cards.

The Higgy – UofL 35Syracuse 14 

Shawn Barbour – UofL 49Syracuse 31

Cards give up some points, but Syracuse can’t stop the offense.

Katie Goben – UofL 41Syracuse 14

Louisville starts out a bit slow as there are a lot of emotions involved. Once we get settled in, cards never look back and send the seniors off with a victory in Cardinal stadium!!

Ben Gumbel – UofL 31Syracuse 20 

Justin Krueger – UofL 38 Syracuse 21

Paige Sherrard – 

I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

The staff consensus average is

UofL 40.75 – NC State 22.62


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