Chris Mack | The Mastermind Of The Great Toilet Paper Caper Of Scott Satterfield’s House

The Louisville Athletics programs have a much different vibe than in years past. Gone are the business-like approaches of its coaches, replaced by a family atmosphere. Our football and basketball coaches seem to genuinely like and support each other. Well, Louisville Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Mack uniquely celebrated Louisville Football Coach Scott Satterfield’s winning of the ACC Coach of the Year award last night. He toilet papered Coach Satt’s house.

It’s a refreshing change of culture around the department. These two coaches have shown that they are normal people who happen to be very good at coaching collegiately at the highest levels of their professions. They understand how to have fun while also maintaining a winning excellence. This little video illustrates this ability perfectly.

By the way, apparently Coach Satt has a long memory and will have his revenge.

Congrats to Coach Scott Satterfield in his ACC Coach of the Year Award. It was well deserved. And don’t forget to be at the Yum Center tonight at 9 pm if you can as the culprit of the Toilet Paper Caper will be coaching his number 1 Cards against ACC foe Pittsburgh.

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