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We are very lucky and blessed as Louisville fans to have so many great athletes, who are also outstanding people, put their talents on display while representing the University of Louisville; athletes like Donovan Mitchell, Angel McCoughtry, Teddy Bridgewater, Brendan McKay, Lamar Jackson, and Asia Durr (Just to name a few). Mekhi Becton is the latest athlete to join that list.

Mekhi chose to attend Louisville over Virginia, Michigan, Oregon, and 27 other schools back in 2017. Becton, a 6-foot-8, 370-pound junior, started 33 career games at offensive tackle for the Cardinals. He recently won the 2019 Jacobs Blocking Trophy, an honor given to the best offensive lineman in the Atlantic Coast Conference, as voted by coaches (becoming the first player in program history to receive the award). He was selected as a second-team All-American by Sports Illustrated as well as being named first team All-ACC. Becton surrendered 0 sacks this season and I believe he only gave up 1 total all 3 years. 

But now his time has come to an end and I am thankful for his loyalty. I wish him well in his pro career and he knows all of Card Nation will be watching him.

I’m not upset he chose to forgo his senior year and skip the Music City Bowl. I totally understand that the reward of playing one more game with his teammates is not worth the risk of losing millions of dollars if injured in a meaningless Bowl game.

Yes, I understand that because of the disastrous 2018 season, this bowl game means much more than most of the bowl games Louisville has played in. Ultimately, it’s still a meaningless game. This game is more for the fans.

Despite that disastrous 2018 season, Mekhi stayed loyal. He could have entered the transfer portal and transferred to any team he wanted – he didn’t. He chose to stay and help get his team back to Bowl eligibility. He has earned the right to sit this one out.

Traditionally, I have been in the camp that says a player who sits out is bailing on his teammates. In between my junior and senior year of high school, I had some knee issues and the doctor told me to avoid all contact sports and not to run for about 8 months. There was no chance in hell I was sitting out my senior year of wrestling with my teammates – especially coming off a state championship. I wrestled and I will never regret taking that chance of potentially damaging my knee for life. To me, it was worth the risk. However, I did not risk a lucrative financial future for my family so I 100% understand why players skip bowl games. More importantly, Mekhi’s teammates understand and support his decision. I’m quite sure that means so much to him.

I was lucky enough to be on the sidelines for almost all of his home games and several of his road games. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him dance, have fun, and encourage his teammates during pregame warmups. I can tell you with absolute certainty that during the Music City Bowl, there will not be anyone cheering harder or louder for the Cards than Mekhi Becton.

And if the Cards win, I pray the cameras give us one more shot of the contagious ear to ear smile from Becton.

Thank you, Mekhi.

For more info about Becton and his official statement click Here.

Here are a few pics we captured over the last 3 years. (The 2nd pic is one of my favorite with 3 NFL guys – Lamar, Mekhi and Dez)

As Always, GO CARDS!


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