CSZ Staff Predictions: UofL vs uk

CSZ staff


Justin Krueger – UofL 73 – UK 66

Rupp crowd keeps Kentucky in it for awhile, but too much Nwora down the stretch.

Jeremy Wahman – UofL 75 – UK 60 

Sam has his breakout game and officially becomes Slam Williamson. Malik comes up big defensively and Sutton continues his double – double ways.

Jeff Nunn – UofL 105 – UK 49

The college basketball world gets introduced David Johnson as he shines in the same arena he did in high school en route to winning a state championship. Jordan and Malik have double doubles. 

Daniel Spencer – UofL 68 –  UK 66

I almost said UK beats us by 10 but I just can’t put that out there in public.

The Higgy – UofL 72 – UK 69 

Mitch Motley – UK 71 – UofL 68

Ben Gumbel – UK 76 – UofL 71 

Paige Sherrard – 

I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

The staff consensus average is

UofL 77 – UK 66.12


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