Teddy Bridgewater Once Again Shows His Awesomeness With A Heartfelt Message Of Hope

As many Louisville fans already know, Teddy Bridgewater isn’t just a great QB. There’s more to Mr. Bridgewater than what he does on the football field. Teddy is known for giving out gifts in his old neighborhood of Liberty City in Miami, FL. That neighborhood is known as tough place to live, but Teddy was able to survive and thrive. He never forgets where he came from, though, and has sought to make Liberty City a much better place to grow up than it was for him as a youth.

Teddy is also a fixture at his old high school, Miami Northwestern, where he has become a mentor to younger players. The valuable knowledge about football, college life, and life in general he shares with both coaches and players is surely appreciated. He is a beacon of hope for his community and a true role model.

Many athletes are exalted as role models by the public because of what they accomplish professionally. Teddy is one of the rare athletes that can be exalted for his actions as a human being. He is a constant illustration that a humble, hardworking, and goodhearted human being can be a positive and impactful influence on this earth. Even if Teddy didn’t have the fame that comes with being a star athlete, I can’t help but believe he would still have a very big impact simply because of the person he is.

Yesterday, Teddy displayed what truly makes him a hero to many with this heartfelt message of hope.

This message is one that I’m sure many felt the impact of. I know I did. While I didn’t face the exact same issues he did growing up, I did have issues that gnawed at my youthful soul. I suspect many men of every age and persuasion that read Teddy’s message related to it in some way.

One young man that definitely took Teddy’s message to heart is another young QB that has both south FL and Louisville ties. Lamar Jackson, himself a humble, bright, and goodhearted man, commented on Teddy’s post.

“Thatz real big bra,” said the newly minted NFL MVP. Anyone who has watched both Teddy and Lamar sees similarities in the kind of men they are and continue to evolve into.

One thing is for sure, Louisville was very blessed to have had both these young men as part of our community for 3 years. I can’t speak for everyone, but I would love if they eventually found their ways back to spend many more years as Louisvillians.

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