Spring Football Practice Observations and Photos

Spring Practice-4

On Friday, inside the Trager indoor practice facility, The University of Louisville football team conducted their last spring practice before spring break. The practice lasted around 90 minutes and was fast paced. The Cards will get back to practice on March 16th and conclude Spring Practice on March 28th.

It’s hard to determine from watching 1 practice how improved the team is or if they have improved at all. What I can tell you is that Jawon Pass was participating without any obvious limitations. I don’t know how much he will improve by the opening game in 6 months but I can tell you that he will be fighting for that starting spot. I believe coach Satterfield will have a tough decision to make. I’m not saying Jawon will start but rather it’s not a foregone conclusion that Micale is the starter. Even though Coach Sattterfield said “Cunningham, to me, is looking the same, if not better than he was in the bowl prep week.”

Christian Fitzpatrick looked the part for sure. He looks to be a big physical receiver. I would not be shocked to see the brothers (Dez and Christian) both split wide on the opening series of the season. That is, if it’s not Dez and Justin Marshall – who looked very impressive today…  and Dez always looks in mid season form.

Hawkins and Hall both looked sharp but that’s not really breaking news.

Coach Satterfield said things are progressing nicely and unlike lat year, they are able to start installing some of the offense now. Last year the staff had to teach everyone what drills to do and where they needed to be. This year the veterans know what is expected and can help the new guys. Things are moving much smoother.

Hard to tell much about the defense in one practice but they were flying all around and played with plenty of energy.  Russ Yeast is not ready but he was very involved as he was coaching and directing from the sideline. It looks like there is some good young potential there but that remains to be seen.

Only thing I am 100% sure about is they are working hard.



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