Top 10 Photos from The 2019 Football Season

Here are my top 10 captures from the 2019 football season. A really enjoyable season that ended with a 38 – 28 Music City Bowl victory over Mississippi State. It’s really hard to just pick 10 because each moment is special in its own way. They are numbered 10 – 1 but in reality there are many that are interchangeable. These 10 pictures were selected for many different reasons. Some because of photo quality, some because it was a special moment to me and a couple just because I like them. 

10.  October 19th vs Clemson

Mekhi and Javian walk off the field after a tough loss. This display of brotherhood is something that was rarely seen in the year prior.

Lou vs Clemson- Hawkins, Becton


9. September 14th vs WKU

Anthony Johnson disrupts this pass attempt in Nashville as the Cards win 38-21 on an extremely hot day inside Nissan Stadium.

Louisville vs WKU- Anthony Johnson


8.  September 7th vs EKU

The Villens doing their thing.

Lou vs EKU 9-7-19-23


7.  September 2nd vs Notre Dame

The Cards were just waiting underneath the Adidas expansion to take the field for the season opener and the first game of the “Satterfield Era.”

Louisville vs Notre Dame-9


6.  December 30th vs Mississippi State

Micale had just made a mistake on 3rd down and was standing on the sideline in disgust. He was chomping at the bit to get back out on the field. I knew when I saw this face, Micale was not going to let the Cards lose this game. I could see the desire for victory in his eyes. Glad I got to capture this moment in the 2019 Music City Bowl.

Music City Bowl-23


5.  October 19th vs Clemson

Javian Hawkins tries to cut the corner but just steps on the line. He finished with 139 yards rushing and found the end zone in the loss to top ranked Clemson.

Lou vs Clemson - Hawkins


4.  November 23rd vs Syracuse

Just getting them a little fired up before the game. One of my favorite parts of the pregame routine.



3.  September 2nd vs Notre Dame

Tutu Atwell reaches for the TD grab that was reviewed and called incomplete. I have a series of photos from the play and he was so close to me that I couldn’t tell if he secured the ball while his foot was in bounds. (Shot with a 70-200 lens)

Louisville vs Notre Dame-23


2.  October 26th vs Virginia

This game got close in the end but Cards prevailed 28-21 despite the rain coming down in the 4th quarter. This was a great game. Thankful for the fans who came out despite the weather forecast. Not the best composition on the picture but I still love it.

Louisville vs Virginia-42


1.  September 7th vs EKU

Hassan Hall was just able to just get the ball into the end zone on this 4th quarter 1 yard run while peeping at my camera. Cards win 42-0.

Lou vs EKU 9-7-19-44

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