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In a time that feels uncertain hour to hour and day to day, the one thing that is certain is how much America is missing sports. We are craving that escape more than ever and with the likelihood of fall sports starting on time diminishing every day, I wanted to take a look back at some of the good times we have had.

I didn’t want to just talk about my favorite memories, as most of you know those by now, so I asked my immediate family for theirs too. My family has always bonded over sports. Whether it was my sisters and I playing volleyball in the backyard, our dog popping another ball (she had a true talent for that) while we “invented a new sport” or going to a UofL, LouCity, Reds, or Bats game, some of our favorite family memories revolve around sports. During a time that has myself and everyone else missing their loved ones more than usual, this was a great way for me to feel connected again. Here are the Goben family’s favorite memories from UofL games over the years:

Katie – The University of Louisville baseball team has always been a family favorite. When I found out I was going to be interning with the baseball team, I am not sure who was more excited, my family, or me. So it is no surprise to anyone that one of my favorite memories comes from the baseball team. It was June 10, 2017, and Kristin and I were on the way to the lake for one of our best friend’s wedding. It also happened to be the super regional game against UK. No way we were missing the game, so we turned on Sean Moth and yelled and cheered as if we were at Jim Patterson. As the game went on, we got closer to the lake so service was going in and out and when I say we were freaking out, we were FREAKING out. Somehow, right as we pulled up to the venue, we got just enough service to hear the final call – THE CARDS ARE GOING TO OMAHA! We did the cards chant in the car and soaked in the sweet feeling of knowing we stopped the other team from Omaha (again). It was awesome.

Maggie – My favorite Louisville memory would be the Louisville football game against Florida State in 2016. ESPN was at the game for College Game Day, so I arrived at the stadium around 6:30 AM with my sister (Katie). I remember the parking lot already being full of people tailgating and partying, and I knew it was going to be a crazy day. The atmosphere and vibe was something I’ve never experienced before and something I’ll always remember. Everyone at the game was cheering so loud, you could tell everyone was excited and just soaking it all in. Louisville were the underdogs in the game, but, of course, Lamar Jackson had a hell of a game, and we dominated. I remember no one sat down the entire game, it felt like something out of a movie. This game and memory is another reason I love Louisville. We truly have the best fan base in the country!

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Lisa – I have lots of favorite memories from UofL football games but the one that always comes to mind when I think about games is the game on Sept 2, 2000. It was the annual Governor Cup game and the weather wreaked havoc on the game. During the 3rd quarter, we had over an hour delay because of lightning but when we came back Dave Ragone, the Cardinal quarterback, helped lead the team to overtime and we eventually won when Tony Stallings ran a pass back and scored. The game was played in a deluge of rain, we were soaked completely through our clothes it took days for my wallet to even dry out. It was miserable but yet very exciting at the same time.

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Kristin – One of my favorite UofL memories is when we went to the UL/Notre Dame football game at ND. I knew it was going to be a great time because our family stopped at a McDonald’s in the middle of nowhere Indiana and it was full of UofL fans. I am pretty sure the workers were very confused, but I wasn’t surprised, the fanbase was excited about this game. It’s was freezing and partly raining and Louisville didn’t have much of a chance to win but Reggie Bonnafon had an amazing game and got the job done. At the end of the game, they went down to kick a field goal to tie it up and I remember looking at Katie and saying “if we can miss one so can they”. Sure enough, they did! We were in the Notre Dame section and we celebrated like crazy so that made it even better.  It was such a great game and experience overall because a ton of Louisville fans went up to the game so it made it that much more special.

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Kevin – I couldn’t pick just one memory. The University of Louisville has given me so much over my lifetime that I had trouble just narrowing it down to a top 6, but here is my best shot:

  1. 1980 National Championship happened while I was a student on campus!
  2. The 1990 Fiesta Bowl
  3. Final game in Freedom Hall
  4. 2002 Florida State game. Rushing the field in the pouring rain and watching the goal post go down was an awesome experience!
  5. 2013 Sugar Bowl, Teddy is the man!
  6. 2013 basketball National Championship (it happened)

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