CSZ Interview With 2022 Louisville Women’s Basketball Commit Alexia Mobley

Louisville Women’s Basketball continues to recruit high quality young ladies and players to further their education and playing careers at Louisville. Before the 2021 class got off to a stellar start with a commitment from Peyton Verhulst, Louisville got a 2022 commitment from Alexia Mobley.

Mobley, who committed to Louisville less than 24 hours after the Cardinals defeated top ranked Oregon 72-62 on November 30th, 2019, is Louisville’s first commitment of the 2022 class. She was nice enough to allow CSZ to interview her and below is that interview. Enjoy.

CSZ: What stood out for you the most about Louisville than all of the other programs that recruited you?

AM: I had visited many schools and had been offered by 29 great programs, but when I went to their camp it felt like home. They weren’t recruiting me before I went so it gave me a chance to see everything for myself without the recruiting stuff. So I got to see how genuine the players and coaches were with each other and it looked like a family. I fell in love with the program immediately. When they offered me I wanted to commit right away but my mom made wait six months to be sure, I made it to five. I just didn’t care about collecting offers and didn’t want to waste other coaches time. When you know you just know.

CSZ: Who was your main recruiter?

AM: Coach Norman was who I spent most of my time on the phone with, but all of the staff is amazing coach JP, Sam Purcell and Burns are all the REAL!!! When I went on my unofficial Coach Walz came and sat with me for like 20 minutes during his practice. Didn’t have to do that for real.

CSZ: Yes, coach Norman is great. She’s been with coach Walz and the Louisville program since 2007.

CSZ: Can you give the fans a little insight on who you are as a person? (Favorite hobby off the court, favorite snack)

AM: I’m super goofy.. I love practical jokes, dancing and hanging out with my friends and family..love listening to gospel music and singing ALOT. Omg ICE CREAM just can’t get enough..we play games for it, like even board games. It’s serious.

CSZ: How have you been keeping busy during the quarantine?

AM: Of course we still have school,  working out and house projects we never go to with always being gone before. We play a lot of card and board games as a family and lots of games of HORSE and around the world outside.

CSZ: Around the world used to be my game growing up, I never lost a game after the 7th grade. So who usually wins in HORSE and Around the world?

AM: Lol!!! My mom actually be giving me and my brother both buckets, but my dad does too so it’s tough. We are all competitive!

CSZ: Having good competition never hurts, it can only help in taking your game to the next level.

CSZ: You’ve been pretty active on social media with your workouts and training. What moves are you trying to incorporate into your game and what’s your favorite move?

AM: Yeah, I like to post a workout every week just so I can look back over time and see how I’ve improved. I’m working on a lot of finishing moves downhill off of the wing. This is only my second year playing without my back to the basket, so I have lots of work to do. Favorite go to move is either a spin move or the Kobe fade away.

CSZ: Yes, I’ve seen you hit the Kobe fade away against your brother in one of your videos. R.I.P to the Black Mamba. What’s your favorite Kobe Bryant memory?

AM: I have sooo many Kobe memories. He actually died on my 16th birthday, so I’m obsessed with making this move (Kobe fadeaway) my signature for real in their honor.

CSZ: Having an obsession about something you are passionate for is never a bad thing. Kobe had an obsession with being the greatest, the best he can be. I’m sure if you continue on with your work ethic and passion for greatness, you’ll honor both Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant and give them a reason to smile.

CSZ: I know your recruiting class is still a few cycles away. Is there any one recruit in particular that you’d like to play with or the staff to go after?

AM: Omg the 2022 class is stacked for real! But I would love having my Cincinnati Angels sister KK Bransford as a Cardinal. She is one of the most talented, humble, sweet girls and would look great holding Ls up!

CSZ: KK Bransford is currently the 9th overall player in the class of 2022, yes it would be incredible to see the two of you starting and starring at Louisville on the wings before your pro careers. Coach Walz and the coaching staff, when you read this let’s get on it and make this happen ASAP.

CSZ: Now, I’ve seen some videos of you practicing and they are impressive. Will we see you dunk in a game this season?

AM: Fosho lol, I’m getting a dunk in a game. I’ll be so excited to play I’m coming in two handed!

CSZ: Two handed? Impressive, my only two handed dunk came off a lob in practice. CardNation you heard it here first, Alexia Mobley coming in hot with the two hand flush. I’m telling you now, when it happens I’m retweeting and voting for you for Sports Center Top 10 plays.

CSZ: Thank you so much for taking time away from your family to grant us Cardinal Sports Zone this interview.  We hope that you and your family continue to remain safe during and after this pandemic.

AM: Thanks for letting me do this. Can’t wait to be there but working hard to be ready when I get there. Ls atw up!

CardNation, we here at CSZ wish nothing but peace, happiness, and health to all you and your family. Together we can fight and beat this pandemic, but we have to do it by practicing social distance to get back to our normal. Continue to stay safe and remember #GoCards



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