CSZ Post-Visit Interview With Card Commit Alexia Mobley

During these difficult times and with limited fans being allowed to attend games, it’s always great to see a future Card or two stopping by to catch some live action.

Last April, 4 Star wing Alexia Mobley granted us an interview that you can read by clicking here. We had so much fun, that we decided to reach out again after her recent visit to Louisville to catch a game. The 6’2 Mobley is from Ohio and plays for one of the most talented AAU teams in that state, the Cincinnati Angels.

In this interview, we talked a bit about her current season, her recent visit, and a special guest that accompanied Alexia to the game on Sunday. Mobley also said that they were on a pause and missed most of their games in December due to a positive Covid test from a teammate.

Photo Courtesy of @AlexiaMobley23

CSZ: First off, we here at CSZ would like to thank you for taking this time to speak with us. Hope all is well with you and your family.

A.M: Thank you for the invite!

CSZ: So before we begin, is your mom still giving you and your brother buckets, or have ya’ll started to even the score?

A.M: My mom is a shooooter so when it comes down to horse she always gets us but one on one she don’t mess with us lol!

CSZ: How is school coming along?

A.M: School is going good. We are all on virtual so going to school at home everyday.

Photo Courtesy of @AlexiaMobley23

CSZ: How is the team doing so far this season?

A.M: The team is doing great! We are 6-0 and starting to really find our chemistry of playing together. We have a really talented team full of big time D1 prospects and an OSU commit so I think we should make a good run for State this year.

CSZ: That’s great, happy to hear about your team success. Go ahead and win that state championship.

CSZ: Have you gotten closer to dunking in a game?

A.M: Yessss I finally got two dunks in our scrimmages so I am feeling really good about getting one in a game soon. It’s kind of scary sometimes because not a lot of players are used to playing against someone like me and I have been undercut a few times. So I have been told to be careful.

CSZ: Yes, by all means be careful. Women dunking is still new to the game, can’t wait to see you throw one down. When you do get one, make sure you let CSZ know. We’ll be happy to retweet and retweet it.

Photo Courtesy of @Ballislifekk14

CSZ: Now on your way to the game, you took a picture of an interesting guest that accompanied you to the game.

A.M: LOL yes sir that’s one of my closest friends and Angels teammate KK Bransford. She is a flat out baller and has narrowed down her top 12 and Louisville happens to be in that group. GO CARDS.

CSZ: A baller she is. Keep on recruiting her, hopefully she can join you. I know it’ll be spectacular to not on win a national championship at Louisville, but to win it with one of your closest friends would be special.

Photo Courtesy of @AlexiaMobley23

CSZ: So you came in to watch the game on Sunday. The game had a 2 hour delay, what did you guys do to pass the time?

A.M: The delay just gave us a chance to go to my fav spot Bandido on Louisville’s campus. Their food is amazing! And we went and did tiktoks at Walmart lol.

CSZ: Yes, the food on the Louisville campus is great. Tik Tok is always a great way to pass time.

CSZ: So the game finally got underway, what were your thoughts on the game? Although the crowd was limited, what did you think of the environment?

A.M: The game was great. Very thankful to be able to come down and hang out. The crowd was still more than a lot of womens games without a pandemic and I always meet more great fans. Best fans periodt!

Photo (from 1/5/20) Courtesy of @AlexiaMobley23

CSZ: Yes, I agree with you completely. Louisville fans are one of the most knowledgeable and loyal fanbases in the country. We just love our sports. We especially love the women’s team, you’d be surprised at the following the team has.

CSZ: Now you’re sitting in the YUM Center, with hopefully your future teammate. Did you get the sense that she was enjoying the game as much as you did?

A.M: I know she was enjoying the game and she has been there for several games before. I told her she looked perfect in that red hoody ijs!

CSZ: Good, I’m glad she enjoyed herself.

CSZ: Have you been able to meet or talk with any of the current players or your future teammates?

A.M: Yes I have met all of the players and the incoming players. They are so talented, everyone brings something to the team and they go all in for each other. Love the atmosphere!

CSZ: Back during our first interview in April, you mentioned that you’d love to have KK Bransford as a Card. I know CardNation would love to have you both. So can you tell us 1 or 2 things you love about KK’s game?

A.M: KK is the total package, she is super strong and can score from anywhere, we’ve known each other for a very long time and I would looooove it if we would be there together. We’ll see how it goes🤞

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