Coach Satterfield Is Ready To Get Back To Work

Louisville Football Media Day 2019-4

An article in the Northern Kentucky Tribune was posted this morning titled “Louisville football coach ‘sitting in limbo’ as pandemic disrupts normalcy for college athletics.”

The article was written by Louisville associate SID, Rocco Gasparro. It’s obvious that Coach Satterfield is as eager as any of us to return to normal, but he understands that we are on a timeline dictated by the virus. As with most entities, Coach Satterfield is preparing as best he can for a myriad of scenarios that could play out with the ever-evolving pandemic.

Here are a few excerpts from the article by Coach Satterfield,

“I think in all of our talks that we have, we feel like we are coming back and playing,” Satterfield said. “We don’t know when, but we are all sitting in limbo. We are coming up with plans to return to play. We have a consensus six-week return to play. We are trying to have a plan to get our players back on campus to start working out and train. We are at the mercy at what our leaders are telling us at this time.

“We hope when Kentucky starts to open up, we’d love to bring our guys in incrementally and break it down to workable groups. We just want to get our guys in here.”

“We are planning for a little bit of everything,” Satterfield said. “Whatever we are going to have to do. In a perfect world, we would get our guys back in June. We would have June and July to get our guys ready to play, and then we’d start practice. The first thing is we have an interest in is the safety of our kids. We need to see how in shape they are and we would be very delicate with them during this time.”

You can read the full article here. You can also see Coach Satt’s teleconference from May 5th where he addresses returning to play and other topics below.

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