Cardinal 9 in Omaha for 2021 – Probably


Baseball America released a look ahead to Omaha for 2021 and picked the eight teams they think will be there. Not surprising to most of us, Louisville was on their list.

The Tweet that has a link to the article only teases us as they explain why they chose each team, but the meat of the article is for subscribers only. I am not a subscriber, but I can guess why they chose Louisville.

1) Dan McDonnell

2) Made college World Series in 2007, ’13, ’14, ’17 and ’19.

3) NCAA Regional champions in 6 of the last 7 years.

4) Louisville is loaded with talent and due the the Covid-19 virus, the MLB draft will only be 5 rounds instead of the usual 40 rounds. Therefore, they may not lose as many players to the MLB draft as they would in a normal year.

5) Baseball America projects them as the #8 team in the 2021 preseason poll.

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