Coach Dan McDonnell, Danny Oriente, Justin Lavey Teleconference 6-16-20 (Video)


If you missed watching the Cardinal 9 as much as I did this year, the MLB Draft was probably as bittersweet for you as well. Knowing the talent that this year’s team had, it is very hard not to think “what if” when another Cardinal got drafted.

However, you can still get your baseball fix by listening to what Coach Dan McDonnell had to say about Justin Lavey (Mariners) and Danny Oriente (Diamondbacks) signing free agent contracts! He also discusses how players determine they’re ready to make the jump from college to MLB and how they will try to deal with the roster turnover, and its effects in the fall.

You’ll also get to hear from Oriente and Lavey. Oriente discusses a multitude of topics. Among them: He talks about the fact that, while hard to leave because of how season ended, he had already been through the senior activities and knew it was time for the jump to the majors. He also mentions that not being drafted put a chip on his shoulder and he will work to prove that he deserved to be picked.

Lavey, as his teammate did prior, discussed quite a few topics as well. Among them: He said that, like Oriente, it was hard to leave the program, especially on the terms he had to. However, he said he discussed his options with Coach Mack and both agreed he should turn pro. Lavey was asked about what he knew about the Mariners organization and answered that he knew they were a great one. He mentioned talking to Cardinal Forever Josh Stowers who had played for the Mariners organization for one minor league season before going to the Yankees. Stowers gave the Mariners organization a glowing review.

To hear all that Coach McDonnell, Oriente, and Lavey have to say, check out the video below.

*Press Conference courtesy of GoCards YouTube Page*


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