CSZ Welcomes Two New Members To Recruiting/Podcast Team

CSZ is always on the lookout for new talent and boy have we found some. Two new members have joined our recruiting team. They have a wealth of knowledge about what is happening on the trail. Both our new members will be tweeting out info from their accounts and we will be tweeting out from the CSZ account. Along with Higgy, they will also help provide info to our two writers, Sam Basden and Shawn Barbour, for new and exciting recruiting pieces. Dalton will also be joining the podcast team as a special correspondent. 

First, I’d like to introduce Cards Hive! You can find him on his Twitter at @CSZCardsHive. He’s new to the scene, but he’s already proving to have some great info if you’re following him. If not, go hit that follow on Twitter. His main job responsibilities will be to research and try to find out where the school hottest targets will attend. Below is a brief statement from one of our new recruiting gurus:

I’ve been a Louisville fan my whole life despite growing up in a family of UK fans lol. I’m new to the recruiting scene as a whole since I’m fairly young, but I’m dedicated and ready to grow!

Our other new player in the game is Dalton Pence. You can find him on Twitter at @dpence_. He’s been around for a while and is also a contributor for our good friends at Big Red Louie. He’s plugged in as well and will be helping in the same capacity as Cards Hive as well as being a special correspondent for the podcast! Below is a brief statement from Dalton: 

I graduated from the University of Louisville in three years with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication in 2019. I currently serve as a reporter for Louisville Catholic Sports Network, and I’m also a member of various blogs such as Big Red Louie.

Please welcome and go hit that follow button for our newest members and be ready for a ton of info for CSZ!

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