Recruiting Roundup: Which Current 2021 Commits Are Our Recruiting Staff Most Excited About?

Louisville Football has 16 current commits for the 2021 class. Our recruiting staff has watched highlights all of them and we decided to each pick which two recruits each of us is most excited about and why. Below, each staff member gives their opinion on the two prospects they’re looking forward to seeing put on that Cardinal red most.

Jeremy’s Picks

The two I’m most excited for are the legacy guys, Jaraye and TJ. First off, you know they are athletically gifted because of their DNA. TJ’s dad was so physically gifted even though he didn’t play much. You can tell he got that from his dad when you watch him play.

Jaraye is a freak athletically on the field just like his dad was on and off the court. Lol. (Ps-twill is my guy before you say anything) I really feel like he can be an immediate difference maker. If he plays linebacker then he will be our first guy since Preston Brown who hits like a LB, but covers like a CB. Honorable mentions: Kani Walker and Victoine Brown.

They both can hit and Vic can flat out recruit! 

Sam’s Picks

The two I’m most excited to see are Jaraye Williams and Ben Perry.

Williams’ athletic ability is part of why I’m excited to see what he does. The other reason is because his father is hands down my favorite UofL Basketball player. Williams explosiveness and versatility intrigues me and I wonder how the staff will use him. I think he’ll be good in the CARD position, but I also see him being an absolute beast as an OLB and in blitzing situations.

Perry, can easily be the best player in this class when it’s all said and done. His athletic ability is off the charts. He is yet another player that would be great playing the Card position for Louisville. His ability to tackle and be a ball hawk from his safety position will be problematic for a lot of offenses. He can cover so much ground so quickly. I’m just hoping Louisville holds onto both of these young men because they can be a staple on this defense sooner rather than later.

Higgy’s Picks

The 2 guys I would say are Trevion Cooley and Jaraye Williams.

I’m most excited for are Trevion Cooley because I love his speed & athleticism. He will translate very, very well to this offense that Ledford and Satterfield want to run.

The other is J-Will just because his athleticism is off the charts. I believe once it’s all done we will be talking more about him than his dad.

Shawn’s Picks

The defensive side of the ball is where the main focus has been for this 2021 class. There are two guys, in particular, that I liked when watching film. They are CB Rance Conner and S TJ Quinn.

Conner, the 3 Star CB from Miami, is an incredible corner. He’s got excellent speed and instincts. What really makes him stand out is that he is a versatile corner. He can play off, zone, or press at the line of scrimmage and effect the game. In off or zone coverages, he is very good at reading a QB’s eyes and jumping routes. This is where quite a few of his 7 interceptions last year came from. In man press, he can help stop the run and disrupt WR’s routes which results in incompletions.

TJ Quinn is a 3 Star S out of GA that is a legacy recruit. What is so awesome about him is that he’s all over the field making plays. He can cover just about any route WRs or slot receivers run; in-breaking, out-breaking, post, seam, and flag. He is so good at breaking up passes and just has a nose for the ball. He’s really special against the run, reading the play and attacking the line of scrimmage. His sure tackling and hard hitting will make offenses dread playing against him.

Dalton’s Picks

I’m excited about Zen Michalski and Victoine Brown. Michalski’s growing frame along with his speed and toughness will lead him to have a very successful career. Brown’s ability to get after the quarterback and disrupt plays will be very valuable for the Cardinal defense.

Hive’s Picks

I’m most excited for Zen and Perry.

I think Zen has first rounder written all over him. He’s not as big as Mekhi, but if you’re 6’6 280 and running a 4.9 at his age, I don’t see how he isn’t playing on Sundays after Ledford has 4 years with him.

With Perry, I feel like he’s absolutely perfect to play the Card in Coach Brown’s defense. He has the ideal length, the frame to add a lot more muscle, good to great game speed, and he does not mind at all to get his nose in there and lay an absolute lick on someone. Also, like his potential in coverage. Has a lot of NFL traits in my opinion. My honorable mentions would be JWill, Oliver, Brown, and Edwards lol. I love a lot of dudes in this class.

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