Louisville Baseball Will Be In Omaha In 2021 According To One Respected Publication

Louisville Baseball had a promising start to the 2020 season cut short because of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. They were one of the favorites to not only make it to Omaha, but to win the series. With college baseball on hiatus until 2021, one publication decided to forecast which college baseball teams will find themselves booking summer trips to Omaha next season. That publication chose Louisville as one of those teams.

Kendall Rogers, of D1 Baseball, has the Cards as one of the eight teams that will find themselves in Omaha in June 2021. The rest of the eight are Arkansas, Florida, TCU, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, UCLA, and (because 2020 was canceled) defending national champion Vanderbilt.

The fact Louisville lost so many great players to MLB and are still being picked to go to Omaha is a testament to the program’s excellence. Dan McDonnell always has the program in prime position and rarely has to rebuild. Instead, he simply retools. The depth of talent is unquestioned and the coaching is absolutely elite.

Be prepared for next season Card fans. Your Cardinal 9 look to return to a place they have become accustomed to…the College World Series. Except this time, they will look to finally take home the hardware that has eluded them thus far.

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