Louisville Men’s Basketball Halts Voluntary Activities Due To Two Positive Coronavirus Tests

Louisville Men’s Basketball was forced to halt all voluntary activities for two weeks due to two members of the program testing positive for Coronavirus. The members were not named, nor were their positions within the program disclosed by the university. This is likely due to HIPPA laws.

The men’s basketball program had some players return in early June in phase 1 of UofL Athletics reopening plan. Most of the team had arrived to campus by the end of June. As stated above, it is unknown whether it was players or support staff members that had the positive tests. Regardless, the activities are now paused for two weeks and the two members are quarantined.

The good news is that the protocols and testing appear to be working as Athletic Director Vince Tyra has envisioned. As soon as the results were known, everything was shut down and the members who tested positive quarantined.

However, this is a stark reminder of the realities that both sports and society are facing as we battle this virus. It’s out there and it can infect anyone at any time. Obviously, with a two week pause, we have to wonder how practical playing sports in the fall and winter will be. As we learned with the quick emergence of the virus, though, things can change on whim. Here’s hoping an excellent treatment can be found between now and August.

You can read Louisville’s press release announcing the positive tests and pause of men’s basketball activities below.


UofL Pauses Men’s Basketball Activities

The University of Louisville has temporarily suspended all men’s basketball voluntary activities for two weeks after two members of the program tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. All proper procedures and protocols are being followed, including the quarantining of those impacted. We look forward to a resumption of men’s basketball activities in the near future.


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