Two Cardinals Forever Are Among Several Candidates For Louisville ESPYs Humanitarian Hometown Hero Award

Cardinals Forever Jamon Brown and Angel McCoughtry are among several candidates for ESPN Louisville’s ESPY Humanitarian Hometown Hero award.

Fans have a say in this award as there is a fan vote. It will be a very hard pick because all are deserving, but it’s wonderful to see Cards helping out in times of need.

Now read the statement from our founder Jeremy Wahman as he has a personal endorsement:

First, with the exception of you know who (Calipari), we love all the selections for the Humanitarian/Hometown Hero Award. However, since I can only choose one, the obvious and unanimous choice is Cardinal Forever Jamon Brown!

From helping to pay for the unfortunate funeral of a child that was killed by his father, after the father lost in a video game, and then assisting with Jared Lorenzen’s funeral cost as well, to his more recent Covid 19 efforts, and his sacrifices on the front lines of the social injustice issues plaguing our city and country, Jamon has been the go to guy in the City of Louisville! Not to mention his free football camps over the last several years for underprivileged youth, while also partnering with Papa Johns, JCPS, and Metro Parks in an attempt to keep swimming pools open in underserved areas last summer.

I have to say that Jamon Brown has been a constant force and presence in the Louisville Community, and we should be proud to have someone like him, a son of the city, in our hometown and representing our city! I believe that even after all of his efforts and sacrifice, that this is just the beginning for Jamon and his Jamon Brown Foundation, and there are huge things on the horizons! No offense to the others, but I truly believe Jamon has done more than all others combined over the last three or so years, which is why I say he is the unanimous choice.

I’m voting for Jamon Brown, and I think it’s only right that we all do. You can check his efforts out at or give them a follow on Twitter @JBF6868. Please Keep up the great work Jamon! We appreciate you and we love you!

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