Nunnsense | A UofL vs UK Football Game Is Still A Very Real Possibility

UofL vs UK-14

I’m the type of person who likes to look at the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives. It’s really helped me as a husband, dad and an American citizen during this unprecedented time in our world. Sometimes it’s hard but I always find something to believe in a try to keep faith and hope.

I know there will be several comments on social media when this article gets posted where people will comment, “they won’t play because there isn’t going to be a season.” To them I say, stop being a headline only reader and your negativity won’t deter my faith and confidence that there will be a football season.

I remain 100% confident that there will be football played this season. It may not be a normal season but there will be football. I also understand that the virus dictates if the season will be postponed to spring or canceled. Canceling the season is a possibility but that decision wouldn’t be made until after an attempt at a spring season is no longer feasible. 

On July 9th, the Big 10 conference announced that they will go with a conference only schedule for all fall sports. The Pac-12 has also moved to a conference-only schedule for 2020. The Ivy League and several other FCS conferences already have pushed their football seasons to at least spring 2021.

The NCAA has no authority to postpone or cancel specific seasons. That decision would be up to individual schools or their conferences.

So what will the ACC, SEC and Big 12 do?

There are multiple models on the table but nothing has been decided yet. It appears those conferences will wait until the 11th hour on a final decision. The belief is that the first week of August is the target date for a decision – but nothing is definite.

One model that all three conferences are strongly considering is one that the local fans might really like. It’s being called the “Plus One” schedule. It would consist of a standard conference schedule with one additional nonconference game. That would add up to nine regular-season games for all SEC and ACC schools and 10 games for the Big 12.

The “plus one” structure would preserve traditional SEC-ACC rivalry games — Florida-Florida State, Georgia-Georgia Tech, South Carolina-Clemson, Kentucky-Louisville — that would otherwise be lost in a conference-only format.

There is also another model called 8+2 where teams would play eight conference games and two nonconference games. Those two nonconference games would be scheduled based on proximity. In this model, Louisville would likely still play UK.

While these are only two of the 18-20  proposed models on the table, keep in mind that there is still a chance the schedule is played as is. That chance may be slim but that possibility remains.

Regardless of what model the ACC decides to go with, it would be one step closer to actual football being played… I’m here for it and the hope for a Governors Cup game is still alive.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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