Chris Mack Basketball Teleconference Recap

Louisville coach Chris Mack sat down and held a teleconference where he talked about: the returning players, incoming freshman, grad transfers, scheduling and much more.

Here is a quick recap of the teleconference:

July 20th Cards back on the practice court per NCAA mandate.

On court and weight room with Strength And Conditioning coach.

Health & Safety Of Players.

Concerns & Setbacks Of The 2 week quarantine/shutdown of Basketball.

All Players Are On Campus.

Gabe Wiznitzer & Redshirting:

“Known about Gabe for awhile, but he was always in our consideration and his own consideration a 2021 prospect.”

“Wasn’t sure if Hargrave would have a season or a school year at all.”

Grad Transfers:

Jones: “Player that has a lot of swag, a lot of confidence and really really understands the game.”

“Going to be one of the better guards we’ve had here in my three years.”

Charles: “One skill doesn’t necessarily separate him from everything. It’s just all the things that he brings to the table.”
“I wouldn’t say he’s elite or great at one thing, a little bit like Dwayne, but he’s a competitor…”

Samuell Williamson & Expectations:

“I think he understands the intensity that’s needed at this level. I think he’s become a much better shooter.”

“I expect a whole lot out of Sam this year.”

Concerns About The Possibility or the new look of the upcoming season:

“I’m confident that we will have some type of season.”

Aidan Igiehon:

“Aidan, first and foremost has to get in great shape. That really held him back a year ago.”

“I expect him to be the fastest big on our team. I expect him to play more like a metal eater around the basket, play with reckless abandon.”

Flexibility of practice schedule.

David Johnson expectations:

“Expectations for David are enormous, they should be. I expect him to be very consistent if we we’re going to be a really good team.”

“He’s got to get much better defensively, he’s gotta gain more confidence in his shot and he’s gotta hold on to the ball…..”


“You can’t finish the race until it starts.”

The resiliency of the Incoming freshman class.

Jaylen Withers expectations:

“He really put on 20-25 pounds since the very first day he’s gotten here. We were a little nervous with him being in Charlotte for three months, that he was going to show up back as Jaylen the newly graduate from high school body again and he didn’t.”

“Jaylen can play a lot of different positions and versatility in the athlete that he is.”

Cincinnati is Definitely On The Schedule.

Check out the full teleconference below:

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