Jamon Brown Continues To Fight For Justice

To Jamon Brown, the fight for justice for Breonna Taylor is personal. He told Vaughn McClure with ESPN that he has spoken with Breonna’s mom a few times and has friends who were close with the former EMT.

“…I will put Breonna Taylor’s name on my helmet,” Brown told ESPN on Monday. “To me, the God I serve says we’re all brothers and sisters in His eyes. Losing Breonna Taylor was like losing a sister, even though I didn’t know her. … Being able to carry her name and represent what she stood for, I’m for that. On top of that, she was taken from us before she could even really live her life. It’s about being able to carry her name and what it is standing for right now: change.”

This, amongst many others, is why he deserves to be the Hometown Hero winner for this years ESPN 680’s ESPYs.

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