Dwayne Ledford Teleconference

Louisville Football Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach Dwayne Ledford was able to sit down and meet with the media via teleconference. He had some very interesting and insightful comments.

Coach Ledford mentioned that the team was unselfish and fun to be around as the team preps for Fall Camp (anticipates Fall Practice Starting On Time). He mentioned working on execution and finishing plays.

Building A Bond With This Group Of Lineman:

“The thing that I think we do as a coaching staff really well is we do a lot of things with our players outside of the complex, just to make sure that we are trying to help build those bonds and especially with the young guys that first get here….”

“I think we got a really good group of upperclassmen, a lot of good seniors.”
“They really taking a lot these guys under their wings, kinda helping them out as well. That is one aspect of it that I surely miss, you know having these guys over a lot in the summertime cooking out for them….”

The Potential Of The Offense:

“We were very excited with the spring practices that we got in. Very excited, you look at throughout the season last year, coming in and spring ball, go through fall camp kind of just seeing the progression of the offense throughout the whole season and how they were playing towards the end of it. Particularly going into the bowl preparation and the bowl game.”

Coach Ledford also said that they were “eager” to get back out there and see what this offense can do. Also having to pull back the reigns on some of the players in walk throughs.

Card Tape:

“We showed plays on there with us giving great effort, didn’t matter the position….playing hard, playing through the whistle, giving it everything you have.”

“Last year was a lot about the attitude and effort part of it, this year it’s more about now let’s take the execution to a higher level.”


“When he ran the football, it was like he had a chip on his shoulder. He had a purpose when he was running the football.”


“Probably one of the fastest people in college football.”

Offensive Line Depth:

“We’re getting there.”

“There is a comfort level of the guys playing around each other, being around each other, knowing each other. That’s something with offensive line that kind of goes unspoken.”

“This group is really wanting try to prove something.”

Here is the link to the teleconference:

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