Finally…Lamar Jackson Moves Into The Heisman House

Ever since Lamar Jackson won the Heisman, Louisville fans have eagerly anticipated his Nissan Heisman House commercials. However, Lamar was focused on improving his game and becoming an elite NFL QB. Now that he accomplished this by becoming the second unanimous NFL MVP in history, Lamar made his move and is now a member of the Heisman House!

It is so awesome to see not only Lamar, but our beloved Louie The Cardinal Bird being featured in the Heisman House commercial. It’s everything we wanted it to be. Lamar repping his red Louisville number 8 jersey and joining the likes of Tim Tebow, Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Charles Woodson, Marcus Mariota, Mark Ingram, and Derrick Henry. Ingram is, of course, Lamar’s teammate on the Ravens and his hype man.

Having Lamar open the commercial by driving up to a dilapidated Heisman House in his Nissan, knocking on the door, and having Tim Tebow looking like a young and spry Father Time is hilarious. What’s even better is that Lamar is the catalyst for the renovation and rejuvenation efforts to get the Heisman House back in order when he tells Tebow, “It’s football season. It’s Heisman time.” With those words, the house springs to life.

As Louisville fans, we have been so spoiled with Donovan Mitchell becoming a household name, Jack Harlow showing off the Yum Center and Louisville Basketball to the nation, and now Lamar wearing his Louisville jersey in a National Heisman House commercial. With all the bad news, there’s always just a little something that makes life fun. This is one of those little somethings. Enjoy Cards fans. Enjoy.

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