Donovan Mitchell And His Mother Had A Special Gift For Teacher’s On World Teacher’s Day

Donovan Mitchell continues to show why he’s becoming a superstar both on and off the court. The Cardinal Forever and NBA All-Star appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” with his mother to make a sweet announcement about a gift he’s giving to teachers on World Teacher’s Day.

However, there were a few topics touched upon before the announcement of the gift. Donovan was asked about the virus and how it effected him when tested positive back in March. He described the fear of the unknown as did his mother. He quarantined in his mother’s basement during his sickness. Despite having a little cough, Donovan said he remained asymptotic throughout.

He was asked about the NBA Finals and who he believes will win. He stated he believes that the Lakers are going to emerge victorious, but that Miami still has a fighting chance.

Now as for the gift, Donovan allowed his mother, a recently retired preschool teacher, to make the announcement. She let the world know that Donovan had donated a special gift package, in coordination with Adidas and Crayola, to two schools in the Bronx and in Connecticut. The package includes pairs of Donovan’s new edition of his signature Adidas shoes for the teachers that were designed with inspiration from Crayola and various other products from Crayola for the preschools.

If there’s anything Donovan Mitchell has proven off the court, it’s that he’s a very humble man with a tendency to try and help. I imagine Donovan is just getting started offering his helping hand. To see the full “Today Show” segment, click the tweet below.

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