CSZ Staff Predictions For Louisville vs Notre Dame

Jeff Nunn – 4224

When it come to skill players, Louisville matches up really well. But unfortunately the game is won or lost in the trenches and Notre Dame has a huge advantage there. Notre Dame is second in the nation in third down stops and Louisville has really struggled on third downs. Despite it looking grim for the Cards, I believe they put up a valiant effort for a half. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jawon enter the game.

Jeremy Wahman – 55-20

Cards have success on the ground but ND thrives through the air and on the ground. The refs in the defensive backfield come just as close to tackling the Irish as we do. Unless we decide to click all of the sudden like we are capable of. We are a way better team than we are showing right now. Coach Satt will still have us ready for the big time games sooner than later.

Sam Basden – 4227

Notre Dame offense is too much for the Cards, as they drop their 4th consecutive game.

Cards Hive – 4227

The Cards have an encouraging first half but ND’s talent pulls through in the second half.

Shawn Barbour – 4530

Louisville offense will look better, but ND is just too talented.

Higgy – 4928

(Shiticus) -That’s all I’ll say.

Ben Gumbel – 4420

Mitch Motley – 5931

TJ Barr – 4517

Jacob Pratt – 5021

The staff consensus average is

UofL – 24.5  – ND – 47.3

Las Vegas odds = ND -16.5  Over/under 64

CSZ staff odds = ND -23  Over/Under 71.5

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