Gameday Prep: Notre Dame

Here are the stories from this week at CSZ that will get you ready for Notre Dame Saturday Afternoon!

If you want to know all about the matchup between Notre Dame and our Cards, click the tweets below!

Want to know what time the Cards and Irish will square off and where you can watch? Just check out the tweet below.

The guys have a great pod despite the hurt GT gave us. Mostly because Higgy wasn’t here….

Resident football guru JK gets you ready for the Notre Dame matchup with EYNTK. If you want to see details about Notre Dame’s and UofL’s strengths and weaknesses are and what each team may try to do to exploit the other, JK breaks it all down.

Want to see what Coach Satt had to say about both last week’s loss to Georgia Tech and what the Cards are preparing to do at Notre Dame? You can find out by watching Coach Satt’s game week presser below.

What did Coach Ledford, Bryan Brown, Dorian Etheridge and Cam DeGeorge have to say about this week’s matchup?


What uniform combo will the Cards wear when they come out on the field in historic Notre Dame Stadium? You can find out by checking out the Uniform Report.

The staff picks the score and winner of this week’s matchup with Notre Dame below. Unfortunately, I don’t believe anyone is predicting a victory for our beloved Cards. We all hope we are wrong on this one.

Vince from Irish Breakdown and our editor talk about this weekend’s Notre Dame game and have a bunch of fun. You can check that out here…

Jeremy and the team also checks in with his good friend and Irish Breakdown Editor Bryan Driskell. They have some great questions for Bryan and he’s not afraid to set them straight on a few. I love it!

Thanks so much for checking in with CSZ!

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