Coach Scott Satterfield Weekly Press Conference: 10-19-20

Coach Scott Satterfield held his weekly press conference to discuss the loss at Notre Dame and the upcoming homecoming game against Florida State.

With the Notre Dame game, Coach Satterfield was pleased with the defensive effort in holding the 4th-ranked Irish to just 12 points. He did lament the inability to get off the field on 3rd down, particularly on Notre Dame’s final offensive possession.

Offensively, Satterfield mentioned the fact the offense only ran 45 total plays and how that hindered the offense. He also mentioned the lack of big plays and how it’s been a problem the entire season so far for the Cards.

Among other issues addressed:

  • Injuries two key players Yaya Diaby and Hassan Hall.
  • Finding ways offensively to get playmakers the ball in positions to make big plays.
  • First down woes offensively and how they will try to figure out ways to be more productive on first down.
  • Whether the defense can carry over the effort and performance they exhibited against Notre Dame through the rest of the season.
  • The play of the CBs against Notre Dame and specifically Kei’Trel Clark.
  • Monty Montgomery’s performance rushing the passer and how it helped the secondary.
  • How they monitor the mentality of the team as they endure the current losing streak.
  • The controversial overturn of the on-side kick recovery and how the rule used to overturn it works.
  • Malik Cunningham becoming more involved as a runner in the offense.
  • 3rd down offense and why staying ahead of the chains is so important.
  • How they are working on fixing issues with negative plays on 1st down including changing play calling.
  • Florida State’s turnaround and the emergence of Jordan Travis at QB for them.
  • The fact that some of UofL’s key contributors this season have been transfers and his philosophy on leaving scholarships open to get impact transfers.

Click on the video below to hear all of the details from Coach Satt.

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