Cards Hive: Former/Current UL Player Comparisons For The 2021 Men’s Basketball Early Signees

Cards Hive took time out to watch film of the 2021 Louisville Men’s Basketball early signees and give comparisons to UofL players of the past and present. Below, you can read his analysis of the four signees and their comparisons. You can see if you agree or disagree. Regardless, it’s a fun exercise. Enjoy!

Bobby Pettiford Jr – Terry Rozier G (13-15)

Photo Courtesy of @Dhoops0 Twitter Account

When I first watched BPJ, I instantly thought about about one of my all time favorite Cards, Terry Rozier. Pettiford Jr, like Rozier, is a capable scorer on all 3 levels, an absolute pest in the passing lanes, and is a great athlete for his size. His quickness and ability to stop on a dime makes him super destructive attacking the basket. His mid-range game is also a big part of his offense where he has the ability to stop at an instant for a jumper or a floater. I think he’s going to be a great player here for the next 3-4 years especially once the game starts slowing down for him. Hopefully, he is able to enjoy the career Rozier did as a Card and be able to enjoy an NBA career.

Eric Van Der Heidjen – Quinn Slazinski PF (19- )

Photo Courtesy of @eric_vdh23

Admittedly, it was hard for me to find a player I thought compared really well with EVDH. Louisville isn’t really known for their face-up stretch 4s with passing touch. However, I think the best comparison for him I could come up with is sophomore PF, Quinn Slazinski. Both stand at about 6’8-6’9 and can absolutely stroke it from long range. I actually like Eric’s upside as a player more due to his sneaky athleticism. He might not be a lockdown defender, but he won’t be a liability by the time he’s had a year or two develop physically. He won’t be doing a whole lot of damage down low either, but he gives Mack a potential offensive mismatch as a PF who can stretch the defense out and put the ball on the floor a little bit.

El Ellis – DeJuan Wheat G (93-97)

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Throwing it back a little bit farther with this comparison, El Ellis compares to the great DeJuan Wheat due to overall feel for the game offensively. Not only can he fill it up from virtually anywhere on the court, but he can also set his teammates up at a pro level. Comparing Ellis to Wheat might be seen as too much by some, but I feel like Ellis is a special talent who will definitely make his mark in his short time here at Louisville. Ellis might not get the career stats that Wheat did, but while he is here I expect him to play the same role for us offensively that Wheat did over two decades ago.

Mike James – Greg Minor G/F (91-94)

Photo Courtesy of @MichaelToReal0

James is a very athletic and surprisingly versatile basketball player. Greg Minor might not be one of the bigger names in UL history, but he’s a player that used to don the Red and Black that fits that description to a tee. During Minor’s Cardinal career, he averaged 12.6 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 2.4 APG, and 1.3 SPG on very efficient shooting numbers (50%FG/36%3PT, and 74% FT). I see the same exact type of career for Mike James. He is the type of wing that every great team needs. He might not be exceptional in any area other than defense, but he isn’t a player with any particular weaknesses either. He’s a fairly good shooter, doesn’t really make poor decisions, rebounds well for his position, and has no problem making all the hustle plays to help the team win.

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