Louisville Women’s Basketball Coach Jeff Walz Teleconference

Coach Walz had a brief teleconference today. Here are a few quick hitters from the teleconference.

Coach Walz on 2021 Signees

On Payton Verhulst: “When the night’s over and you look at the stat sheet, she rebounds the ball, she can pass it, she scores, she’s got very good instincts on the defensive end of the floor.”

On Sydni Schetnan: “She reminds me a lot of Kylee Shook out of high and someone that can score with her back to the basket but can also face up and shoot the basketball.”

Coach Walz also said: “We are always out looking for players. We could sign someone late if that right person pops up.”

Coach also talked about the consistency and loyalty of his practice squad guys.

On Current team: “Anxious to play against somebody else.”

On Dana Evans: Being named to the AP All-American team.

On Elizabeth Balogun: “Really been impressed with her maturity.” 

On Olivia Cochran: “Has shown the ability to step out and make a few jumpers.”

On Hailey Van Lith: “A hard worker and learning to become more efficient.”

On Ahlana Smith: “A smooth operator. Changes speeds really well and really good at reading defenses and playing passing lanes.”

On Merissah Russell: “She’s either a homerun or a strikeout and right now I need some singles from her. I just need her to slow down a bit.”

On Norika Konno: “Norika could be 3rd in line in anything we do, watch the first two and then go out and do it better.”

To hear more from coach Walz click below.

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