Coach Scott Satterfield Weekly Presser: 11-23-20

Coach Scott Satterfield held his weekly press conference on Monday afternoon, ahead of their road game at Boston College. Coach Satt reviews the Syracuse victory, previews Boston College, and discusses the schedule mayhem, among other topics.

The first part of the presser is spent discussing the issues with the schedule being changed so drastically at a moment’s notice. Coach Satt discusses the difficulty with adjusting and how the team will deal with a 3 week break between the Boston College game and the Wake Forest game. Specifically, he discusses how they will try and keep players focused for those 3 weeks and how they will try and prepare for the final regular season game.

Discussion then turns back to the Syracuse game. Coach Satt talks about a particular newcomer pressed into action due to Marshon Ford’s injury. True freshman Duane Martin impressed Coach Satt with his 2 reception performance. Coach Satt also mentioned during this portion that Marshon Ford is back and will play against BC, which is very welcome news.

Bowl game possibilities were then addressed. With the pandemic causing the possibility of cancellations and postponements, the NCAA announced that there would be no minimum win requirement to qualify for bowls. It proved to be a good move as postponements and cancellations have wrecked havoc on the season. Coach Satt was asked about bowl possibilities for the Cards. He said he understood why the win requirement was dropped. He mentioned the numerous cancellations and postponements recently and how it is becoming difficult for any team to even complete the schedule as it was set before the season. While he acknowledges that his Cards could potentially have a bowl game, he said he’s not focused on that at the moment due to all the uncertainty in college football. He and the team are just focusing on the next game.

The bowl game was then brought up again in a different context. Specifically, could it be used to entice players not to opt out and continue to play. While Coach Satt seemed to acknowledge it could, he mentioned it’s hard to know what players will do in the 3 weeks between BC and Wake. He said that the focus remains on BC for now.

Maurice Burkley is then discussed. His rise from walk-on to scholarship player and starter was something that Coach Satt really emphasized. Coach Satt emphasized his hard work and the maximization of his talent led him to become a viable starter in the backfield.

The discussion then turns to BC and specifically their defense. Coach Satt discussed what he’s seen on film. He mentions two linebackers, 55 and 14, and emphasizes they are BC’s best playmakers on defense. He also mentions that even though BC has the same personnel as last season, the new coaches and scheme has made them much better and a bigger challenge for the Cards’ offense.

Here are some of the other topics addressed:

  • How the early signing period has been effected by the schedule change for the Wake Forest game and how the Cards have adapted to pandemic-style recruiting which helped.
  • How BC’s offense has gone from a run-heavy style to a style utilizing the passing game more. Specifically, the QB, their number 1 TE, and number 1 receiver are highlighted by Coach Satt.
  • How Coach Satt is utilizing his running back corps without Javian Hawkins. He mentions how all 3 backs have different strengths and compliment each other well.
  • The BC defense’s penchant for causing turnovers and how Louisville is working to keep the turnovers limited against the Eagles.
  • The ability to play during the pandemic and how it has helped the players escape all the pandemic issues and given them an outlet.

To hear all the details from Coach Scott Satterfield, watch his 20 minute presser below:

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