Photo Gallery: Dez Fitzpatrick

For me, this one is a little more personal. I’ve been following Dez from day 1. From his recruitment, to his first game, practices, media day interviews, jersey number change, spring games, talking with his dad before games and having him on the podcast, and everything in between, it’s been a great ride. As a gift to my dad a few years ago, Dez granted my request to autograph one of my pictures as well as getting Lamar to sign it too.

When Dez was being recruited, I got suckered into a social media debate with a Nebraska fan on why he would choose Louisville. Thank goodness I was right and his commitment video was straight fire.

His first game also happened to be my first game taking pictures on the sideline for CSZ. It was a game against a Jeff Brohm led Purdue team in Lucas Oil Stadium. I don’t know about Dez but I was nervous and ill prepared. I didn’t have the correct lenses with me to take quality pictures. But as it turned out, I got several pics of Dez celebrating his first collegiate touchdown. Not the best quality pics but they are still special to me.

Throughout his freshman year, I was able to get some of his special moments en route to a record setting year.

I was really looking forward to documenting his senior year in photographs. But stupid Covid has prevented me from being on the sidelines. So here are a bunch of moments I have captured over his last 3 years.

I was looking up stats to give you for Dez then I ran across the amazing Kelly Dickey’s twitter feed.  These stats are amazing (see Tweet below). Thanks Kelly. Dez has one last game to add to theses stats but even if he doesn’t add anything, it’s quite an impressive career.

In my opinion, Dez was one of the top 3 route runners in Cardinal history and the best downfield blocking receiver ever. It was truly a please to watch him play with energy, confidence and charisma.

Thank you Dez. We appreciate you!


A few words from his dad, Coach Greg…

As a former player and coach, I will always complain to anyone who listens regarding your lack of targets over the years at UofL. That’s just what we “Daddy Coaches” do 😂. As a Dad, I appreciate the life lessons that this tough journey at UofL has taught you. I also appreciate EVERYONE in the program who has taken on the task to help you grow as a player and as a young man. Despite all the struggles and disappointments, you always managed to smile, work hard and show up when your number was called. Quitting was NEVER an option, because you knew that we don’t get down like that! A year from now, all those disappointments will just fade away and be filtered out by your upcoming journey (no matter where it takes you). At that point, only the joyous times and special friendships will remain in your memories at UofL. The University of Louisville will be YOUR Alma Mater and you should leave there with PRIDE and know that you left it all on the field. Why do I know that? Well, because I watched EVERY snap. Time to buckle up, because it’s about to get even tougher. I am proud of you son.



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