NFL Draft Preview: Louisville Edition

It is time for the NFL Draft preview. Yes, I should have had this out a few days ago, but I had some personal issues come up so you will forgive me, please. Night one of the draft went just about how everyone thought it would. No Cards were selected which is an unusual feeling for us, but night 2 could be a great deal for the Cards. I’m not even sorry. Lets dig a little deeper into the deck. Ok, I am sorry for that one…maybe.

Tutu Atwell

Draft Projection: 2nd round

Tutu could arguably go down as one of the most exciting players in Louisville Football history. He is in my top 5 alongside Arnold Jackson, Teddy Bridgwater, Lamar Jackson, and another guy in this years draft, Javian Hawkins. You all can shoot me ideas at @Jeremy_CSZ if you think of someone I left off. Tutu leaves Louisville with his name all over the record books as well. If he had played all 4 years here he would have owned and smashed every record there was. Tutu only played in games 32 and, despite that, he amassed 140 catches for 2307 yards and 21 TDs in just 3 years.


Former Cardinal WR’s he reminds me of: Tied-Arnold Jackson and Deion Branch

Exit Interview- TuTu Atwell

Louisville Career Records:

Catches: 70 catches (2019) Single season (T-8th All-time)

Receiving Yards: 1276 (2019) Single season (1st All-time)

2307-Career (8th all-time)

Touchdowns: 21 (5th All-time)

YPC: 18.2 (2019) minimum 50 catches

100 yard rec games: 7 (T-1st all-time) 10 overall (T-4th)

4 consecutive 100 yard games (T-3rd)

Dez Fitzpatrick

Draft Projection: 4th-5th round

What can i say about Dez? The leader of the team in every way. He did not get the opportunity to show all he could do because of the phenom above, but he still showed out in a big way. His role the past 2 seasons seemed to be the QB of the offense even though he never threw a pass. Somehow, he still managed to get 833 yards his Senior year and land himself all across the UofL Football record books. Dez and his leadership will definitely be missed here. Alongside his intangibles, Dez was a blast to watch on the field when they threw the ball at him. He ends his career at Louisville a top 15 WR of all time. Good luck to him at the next level. It was a pleasure to meet you and your Dad.

Former Cardinal WR’s he reminds me of: Tied-Lavell Boyd, Jaylen Smith

Exit Interview-Dez Fitzpatrick

Louisville Career Records:

Receiving yards: 2589 (6th all-time)

Receptions: 154 career (9th all time)

Touchdowns: 21 (T-5th All-time)

9 TD (2017) single season (T-7 all-time)

YPC: 16.8 (T-4th all-time)

Javian Hawkins

Draft Projection: 4-6th round

Javian, aka Hawk, aka Playstation, was one the most electrifying players Louisville Football has ever had as I said above. He may not have been the biggest on the field, but he was always one of the fastest. You never knew when a 70-yard TD was gonna happen. Known for his big runs out of nowhere and his ball security, Javian was a TD threat every time he touched the ball. The most astonishing stat is this. The kid fumbled only 5 times in his career. He only lost 2 of them. One to GT his freshman year and one to GT his Junior year. That is impressive.


Former Cardinal rushers he reminds me of: Brandon Radcliff, Lamar Jackson

Exit Interview- Javian Hawkins

Louisville Career Records:

Rushing Yards: 1525 single season (3rd all-time)

2355 career (10th all-time)  

100 yard rushing games: 12 (T-3rd)

YPC: 6.2 (2019) single season (3rd all-time)

5.9 career (2nd All-time) minimum 400 attempts


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