Louisville Announces Season Ticket Availability For 2021 Football Season

Louisville Football may seem far away, but the time will fly as fast as the Cards fly around the field. With that in mind, Louisville Athletics announced that season tickets for the upcoming season will be available on gocards.com/fbtickets. It wasnโ€™t done with a press release, however.

It what has become a staple of Louisville Athletics media team, they released a hype video for the season. It features sophomore WR and Butler Traditional High alum Jordan Watkins. Watkins reminisces about what a full Cardinal Stadium looks and sounds like from a playerโ€™s perspective. The stadium literally seeming to rock as the players enter the field through the tunnel. He stands in front of the Card March sign and tunnel discussing how heโ€™s dreamed of getting fives from fans during an actual Card March, something he has yet to experience due to the pandemic. As heโ€™s describing these very vivid and emotionally evocative scenes, videos of the crowd, the stadium filled, the roar of the fans, and the wonderful Card March prior to what I believe to be the 2018 Clemson game flash across the screen.

Iโ€™ll tell you what Card Nation, the video gets me hyped. Itโ€™s also nice to see a son of the Ville, and fellow Butler Bear, being utilized as one of the faces of the program. With the country slowly, but surely emerging from a horrible pandemic, it will be nice to go to Cardinal Stadium and watch players like Jordan Watkins shine. Once again, if you want to purchase season tickets, go to gocards.com/fbtickets or just click the links in the tweet featuring the video. Hopefully, this fall will be a return to normal and filled with many football victories.


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