Louisville Men’s Basketball Releases First Video Chronicling Team 108

Louisville Men’s Basketball has not been shy about opening up many more behind-the-scenes aspects of the program under head coach Chris Mack. The video packages they have released showing players hard at work, celebrations after victories, and numerous other aspects have allowed the fan base a chance to feel like part of the team. Last night, they released episode 1 of a chronicle featuring Team 108.

As always, the production is well done and informative. It features the time period from the tournament selection show to team move-in and physicals. It’s an interesting look into the inner workings of the program.

The video gives us candid glimpses of the emotional pain Team 107 suffered missing the tournament. It shows us the optimism brought forth by the new staff and the eagerness brought forth by the new players in the program. It gives us glimpses into Coach Mack and how he treats his players and how the process of physicals and medical checks are done for the program. Finally, it allows arguably UofL’s most important and tenured player, Malik Williams, to speak about all his experiences here. He articulates his goals in returning for one final year and his love for a city that, when he first arrived, he didn’t believe could be his home…but now it is.

If you have 10 minutes on this Monday and haven’t already watched this video, I implore you to check it out. We are all in need of a little sports optimism after the disappointment in that was 2020. This video gives us plenty of sunshine to drown out the darkness.


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