Throwback Thursday Photo Gallery

One thing we at CSZ love to bring you are photo galleries of your favorite Cards and every Cardinal sporting event that we can. Unfortunately, Covid prevented us from photographing most everything this past year or so. However, I was able to photograph a track meet, a softball game and a soccer match. JK was allowed to photograph almost all the home baseball games but TJ was shut out of all the basketball games.

Since we were unable to bring you pictures or galleries from this past year we have decided that over the next several weeks, JK, TJ and I will be giving you a weekly post of past galleries, some of our favorite moments, favorite pictures and maybe a few surprises. Stay tuned to CSZ to see what we have in store for you.

I’m up first for the CSZ photogs and for this week and I’ve decided to bring you a few of my favorite galleries from the past few years. For me personally, I enjoy photographing football the most and women’s basketball second. These galleries below may not be my best work and quite frankly some of these pictures are not that great but some of the moments will always take me back to a better time. I hope you enjoy these and I hope they bring back some great memories of special moments for you. Or maybe it will help just seeing a full Cardinal Stadium or YUM Center.

Louisville Vs Murray State Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: WBB vs UCONN

Top 10 Photos from The 2019 Football Season

Photo Gallery: WBB vs USWNT

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