#Flyville22 Adds OL Max Cabana

On Monday Morning, Coach Satterfield and staff received the commitment of 2022 offensive lineman Max Cabana. Max was born in Canada, but currently plays in Easthampton, Massachusetts.  He had offers to play football from Brown, Central Michigan, Wake Forest, and others.

Here is Hive’s Breakdown on Max:

Hives’ Breakdown:

Coach Bicknell has landed his first OL recruit since he became a member of the program. His name is Max Cabana. He’s a 6’5 270 lbs offensive tackle playing out of Easthampton, Massachusetts by way of Quebec, Canada. Max has flown under the radar mostly in the recruiting world due to COVID-19 and the fact that he’s a Canadian national playing in Massachusetts, which isn’t a heavily recruited state for football talent. However, don’t let his lack of quality offers fool you. Cabana can definitely play.

What stands out to me the most about Cabana is his flexibility and bend once he gets in his stance and how well he moves his feet and maintains his balance against the rush. He keeps his center of gravity low, making it extremely hard for defenders to get leverage and knock him off balance. The main area he will need to improve upon, in my opinion, is his strength at the line of scrimmage. His flexibility and athleticism has made him a force on the outside of the OL in high school, but in order to take the next step at the collegiate level I believe he’ll need to add some strength and power to his frame. His hands can also get high at times, but the potential is very much there, especially in an offense like Satterfield’s that requires the offensive linemen to be quality athletes.

I know some fans are already questioning this commitment in a class where the staff is trying to be a lot more selective in who they take due to his offer sheet, but if you enjoy watching offensive line film like I do, it’s unquestionable that this kid has P5 traits and the potential to be a very good offensive tackle. It is a whole lot easier to bulk a player up and add strength than it is to make a player more athletic and flexible. I believe this is a case where, with our OL being as young and as deep as it is, you take the guy with the highest ceiling even if he’s not the best at this very moment.

Overall, I think this is a good get for the staff and a good first get for Coach Bicknell. After his senior season is over, Cabana could very much be considered the steal of the entire class.

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