CSZ At Four Pegs! (Photo Gallery)

Yesterday was a great day for those of us at the CSZ Podcast. We did our first live show out in almost 2 years yesterday at one of our sponsors, Four Pegs. Four Pegs is located in the heart of Germantown on 1053 Goss Avenue. Oh wait, this is a post, I don’t have to read the commercial. My bad. For most of us yesterday was a return to normalcy of some sort. An indication that we were at the end and that everything was gonna be ok.

Chris Williams, the owner, was pumped to have us there and even graciously let us record upstairs away from the crowds and allowed us to have a few guests. Even though the mandates were lifted, Chris allowed us to be safe and have a good time. Thank you Chris! Shout out to Uncle Larry, Trevor, and our buddy Lance for showing up to have a good time and support us. HUGE shout out to our special co-host Ibn Green! He came out yesterday despite his daughter being in labor just to kick it with his boys! We appreciate you so much brother. You know, me and Ibn…nevermind, also not doing a show right now.

We got together yesterday to do something nice for us, the public and anyone who has had a rough time this year. Yesterday was for you! We also got together to watch Higgy take on the Greatest Challenge! It was insane, ignorant, ridiculous, and yet Higgy still took it on. He had 24 minutes to eat 8 pounds of food, but only got about 3 pounds through. He always wanted to try and for that we are proud. Here are a few pictures from yesterdays live show. We hope you enjoy! Thanks again for supporting the site and caring about us as much as we do you!

PS- New recruiting tab goes live tomorrow and we will be doing live video shows soon! Go to Youtube to subscribe and be notified when we do….


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