Louisville MBB Releases Fun Video Of Their Charity Softball Game Draft

On July 19th, Louisville men’s basketball is hosting a charity softball game at Jim Patterson Stadium involving the team, coaches, and other staff. The proceeds will benefit Jaxen’s Journey, a charity started by strength and conditioning coach Andy Kettler and his wife Kimberly that honors their son Jaxen, who passed away at age 2 due to brain cancer.

Last night, the Cards held a draft for the softball game dubbed, “The Show,” and it was spectacular. The Twitter account for Louisville men’s basketball posted a one minute long video highlighting the fun team activity. El Ellis was the first pick, JJ Traynor exclaimed he may be picked last, but he will be the best pick, Sam Williamson practiced for the NBA Draft wearing his best suit and talking on his cell phone after his announcement, and freshman Mike James had a little trick played on him by senior leader Malik Williams. From what it looks like, the teams are being coached or captained by Malik and Jarrod West, the grad transfer guard from Marshall.

If the video is any indication, which I believe it likely is, of the comedic mayhem that awaits on the field July 19th, it should be a blast for fans and the team alike. Not to mention that the proceeds go to such a noble and worthy cause as fighting the scourge of pediatric cancer.

The game is scheduled for 6 pm July 19th at Patterson Stadium. If you can, go out and support the team and support Jaxen’s Journey.

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