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First off I want to give Vince Tyra a HUGE shout out. He listens to the fans. Now I know what the grumpy Gus’s are gonna say. It took too long, its not what we wanted, or they will just complain to hear their breath beat up against the air. There will always be that small percentage of people who will never be happy. I am not one of those people. There have been 2 glaring issues that were finally addressed yesterday and an addition to the area that will make for a cool game day experience. We will get to each one individually. Then we will post some of your points after this breakdown. Let’s get started.

WiFi: First up is one of the problems that we have all had at Cardinal Stadium, WiFi. The improvements to enhance WiFi in the stadium were much needed and I am glad that I will be able to hear when my Dad calls me during the game 20 times a game to ask me if I saw that play. Actually, I wont tell him about this part. I will just stick to texting him and saying….darn service in here.

Honored Jerseys: Look I am not gonna sugar coat this at all. This was my favorite announcement. A 400-foot long LED board will be installed on the East side of the stadium. They expect it to be up and running by the October 9th game vs. Virginia. The board will not only feature retired jerseys, but show our bowl appearances. The fact that it is digital allows for more honorees. Louisville AD Vince Tyra addressed this on the Deener Show this morning by saying….we are simply running out of room. Thankfully we can get the 2 biggest omissions, Ibn Green & Mike Bush up there where they belong. Don’t get me started.

The Alley: Last, but not least, the Alley. This thing looks really cool and brings the UofL Gameday experience to a whole new level. For those of you who say that we never do anything new, this is the project for you. It is located on the old Cardinal Alley tailgating area and looks amazing.  It will be ready for the home season opener vs EKU. Some of the features in the press release includes room for a few thousand fans, turf greens for yard games, live entertainment, and food truck options. I love the new idea.

One of the only things I have seen that people would like to see addressed was parking issues including the limited handicapped spots. All in all this was a home run. Thank you Vince! It is like Steve and Marques said this morning. If you are complaining about this then you just want to complain.

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