Louisville Live Finds A New Home For 2021: Churchill Downs

Louisville Live has become Louisville men’s and women’s basketball’s version of midnight madness. A recruiting spectacle that has had Jack Harlow, Taylor Rooks, and Donovan Mitchell attend. The first two iterations were held at 4th Street Live. Last season, Card fans were deprived of the event due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is back this year and will be held at a new location…Churchill Downs!

The event called, “Downs After Dark: Horses and Hoops,” will be held there on September 18th. It will take place in the heart of the fall meet as part of “Downs After Dark.” UofL students get in free and anyone else wanting to attend can purchase a ticket starting at $12. For more information on where to purchase tickets, click the story link in the tweet above.

The one thing that has made UofL’s big recruiting event unique from midnight madness events around the country is the use of a unique venue. 4th Street Live, in the heart of downtown, showed off the city and its nightlife. Now, we have an even more unique, and historic, venue being utilized.

Churchill Downs is one of the most historic venues in America and the world. It’s home of the fastest two minutes in sports. A place where thoroughbreds have run for the roses for 147 years. UofL and Churchill Downs have been somewhat linked at the hip for a long time. It is the UofL marching band that plays, “My Old Kentucky Home” before the derby. They are neighbors as they are right beside each other. UofL and Churchill Downs have both given national exposure to the city of Louisville. It only makes sense they would come together to help each other out.

I would imagine UofL will have a pretty big list of visitors for the event from the 2022 and 2023 classes. While there is no list yet, it’s a pretty safe bet Rodney Rice and Caleb Foster will be in attendance. Local stars Kaleb Glenn and George Washington III will be safe bets as well. There will likely be others too. It’s also a safe bet that there will be some surprise guests and spectacles as well. There is one confirmed group of esteemed guests for the event. The 1986 title team will be there to participate. It is the 35th anniversary of their 1986 win against Duke in the final.

I love that UofL and Churchill Downs came together for this. It should also make the event safer as well because it will be outdoors and likely spread out more. Since the pandemic is still ongoing, I like this change. Hopefully, coming out of the event, the Cards can land a few big commits and fans will have some unique memories for a lifetime. Also, it’s a unique and wonderful way to honor the 1986 champs. Enjoy Card Nation!

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