8/18/21: Gunter Brewer and Jordan Watkins Press Conference Takeaways

University of Louisville wide receiver coach Gunter Brewer met with the media on Wednesday afternoon, along with wide receiver Jordan Watkins. A handful of topics were discussed such as initial fall camp thoughts, offseason tidbits, competition at the position, etc. Here are the full press conference takeaways (quotes).


Gunter Brewer: “wide receiver core will be by-committee early until players step up and rise to occasion.”

Gunter Brewer: “I’d like to have eight guys. We’re trying to help guys understand that they need positional flexibility.”

Gunter Brewer on versatility at position: “we want guys to do different things. We will play to their strengths. You want guys to be good at different things. We like to spread the field, call it “basketball on grass”.”

Gunter Brewer on secondary members that his guys are going up against: “the two-deep on that side are tough. The safeties are brutal to go up against. Some of the young guys are doing well.”

Jordan Watkins: “I think the competition has been pretty good. At the end of the day, we’re all teammates and want to see everyone do good.”

Jordan Watkins: “one of the biggest questions is the wide receiving core this year. A lot of these guys are wanting to step up and fill the shoes (left by Tutu and Dez).”

Individual Players

Gunter Brewer on Justin Marshall: “it’s his time. He’s learned and matured; I think it’s going to be a great year for him, and I’d be shocked if it wasn’t.”

Gunter Brewer on Marshon Ford: “he’s a big body guy with tremendous quickness, great hands, and route runner. He’s a matchup-nightmare. We’re relying more and more on him.”

Gunter Brewer: “Josh Johnson is a guy people don’t talk about a lot, but he’s had a great camp.”

Gunter Brewer on Shai Werts and Ahmari Huggins-Bruce: “Shai is coming off injury but can play anywhere in the offense. He’s had a good camp. Ahmari has exhibited alot of speed and quickness. He can play in the slot and size is comparable to Tutu (Atwell).”

Gunter Brewer on Tyler Harrell: “it’s his time to shine. He’s been in the program for a couple years and he’s been putting in the work. He’s been running routes better and becoming a better pass catcher.”

Jordan Watkins on Tyler Harrell: “he’s probably the most explosive guy on the team. He finds ways to get open and runs routes well.”

Jordan Watkins on his versatility: “it’s always been one of my best attributes; I can play anywhere, in the slot or outside. I think of myself as a Swiss-army knife.”

Jordan Watkins on Justin Marshall: “the leadership is great. He takes charge of the room, I think we’ve stepped up in those roles. On the field, he’s a big body that plays physical. Confidence is really high, and that’s within the whole room.”

Jordan Watkins: “I learned a lot playing behind Dez and Tutu. I think I can produce a lot this season and will have a pretty good season.”



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