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While there is plenty of excitement that comes with the release of the preseason depth chart, I don’t put a ton of stock into it. It’s just something for us to talk about. It’s not a certainty that all theses guys will be on the 2 deep roster on gameday. Sometimes coaches put players names lower just to motivate them while other players are elevated to reward them for working hard in the off season. I see this depth chart more as a motivational tool for the players and a reason to talk about the team for the fans.

Either way, it means football is getting closer and I, for one, can not wait. I missed photographing my guys from the sidelines last year. It’s just not the same watching home games on television. I don’t ever want to go back to that.

Let’s take a look at the depth chart…



1. Malik Cunningham
2. Evan Conley

My take: Let’s hope Malik stays healthy.

Running back

1. Jalen Mitchell
2. Hassan Hall
3. Maurice Burkley
4. Trevion Cooley

My take: Looks like coach Satt will probably feed the “hot hand” so this could be a rotating backfield. I think Cooley is the future and I hope he gets enough touches so we can get a glimpse of his talent.

* Since I wrote this, Jawhar Jordan transferred from Syracuse. Not sure where he fits in just yet but he was getting yelled at a lot in the open practice. If he is solid, he will get carries but I think it’s still “RB by committee.”

Left tackle

1. Trevor Reid
2. Michael Gonzalez

Left guard

1. Caleb Chandler
2. Luke Kandra


1. Cole Bentley
2. Bryan Hudson

Right guard

1. Adonis Boone
2. Joshua Black

Right tackle

1. Renato Brown
2. Desmond Daniels

Middle Linebacker

1. CJ Avery
2. KJ Cloyd

My take: Glad to have CJ back but Cloyd is the future. I hope he gets plenty of opportunities.

Middle Linebacker

1. Monty Montgomery
2. Dorian Jones
3. TJ Quinn

Outside Linebacker

1. Marvin Dallas
2. Jack Fagot

My take: Linebacker group is solid and deep.


1. Chandler Jones
2. Derrick Edwards or Kani Walker

My take: I hope we see the superstar Jones that I believe he can be. But I also hope Walker gets to see the field.

Strong Safety

1. Benjamin Perry
2. Qwynnterrio Cole

My take: Perry might have some growing pains but he will be the best player on the defense in the next year or two. Really excited to see him grow and learn.

Free Safety

1. Kenderick Duncan
2. Bralyn Oliver

My take: Duncan has to be the guy. Oliver needs time but is very talented.


1. Kei’Trel Clark
2. Greedy Vance

My take: Clark will garner national attention this year and I love Vance learning from him. Vance is another guy who has a bright future in the Ville.

As Always, GO CARDS!

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